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  1. Google pangrattato. Used for the exact purpose you mention, and doesn't taste like burnt onion.
  2. It does look decent, but why burn the onions? That'll be bitter as fuck.
  3. This is still too mad, like. Just can't get my head around how it's happened out of nowhere like this.
  4. How is this happening now, man? How has it been sorted? Who cares??
  5. God bless the internet.
  6. I'd have wanked over that, too. Fair play.
  7. Finally gave Porterhouse a shout, at Fenwick. Not an everyday meal, by any stretch, but easily the best steak I've had in years.
  8. He's in the comments on that post, man. What a kid.
  9. SuperFlat

    Job stuff

    Agree with a lot of that. Sometimes you need to play the game/adapt to the culture of your environment, then aim to use the subsequent progression opportunities and additional responsibility/control to influence and improve that culture.
  10. SuperFlat


    They're not enforced, only recommendations. It's only enforced when it comes from T&T.
  11. I wish I'd never had to scratch my balls on a hot day, like you guys.
  12. Agree with this, completely. I knew it was shite, but the creature design and effects were enough to keep me interested through to the end. Happens so rarely, I'm not even sure I can say I didn't like it.
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