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  1. SuperFlat


    They're not enforced, only recommendations. It's only enforced when it comes from T&T.
  2. I wish I'd never had to scratch my balls on a hot day, like you guys.
  3. Agree with this, completely. I knew it was shite, but the creature design and effects were enough to keep me interested through to the end. Happens so rarely, I'm not even sure I can say I didn't like it.
  4. Ah, bonus, glad to hear that! Felt for him throughout all this from his social media posts, really rough time.
  5. Bistro 46 gone. Real shame, never had a bad meal there.
  6. No thread winds me up quite as much as this one.
  7. SuperFlat


    Nature is healing.
  8. Wasn’t ready for that. Still reeling from the grinding up.
  9. The Mitchells vs the Machines. Really great stuff, gets you right in the feels.
  10. That feels like an important step. Hopefully others will now follow suit. My money wasn't on Ander Herrera to be the first to speak out, but here we are.
  11. Probably wouldn't be my first thought, tbh.
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