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  1. Yeah. English press reporting it's close and Spanish press going with the opposite. Frustrating for fans.
  2. If this is true it's worrying because it doesn't sound like we're close to getting him at all let alone in time for Leeds.
  3. The counter argument to this is there are numerous teams who won't need or be looking to sign anyone.
  4. You don't get an England first choice RB and proven PL striker if you're doing a shit job.
  5. Not at all. But we moved from one complicated deal with Botman on to another with Carlos and especially in the Carlos transfer it appears we're prioritising the perfect deal over having him in for Watford/Leeds. It's risky.
  6. Either they're so good you'd try everything to make it happen or they're not good enough to make a difference against Watford and Leeds. You can't have it both ways.
  7. The bit where we targeted a player out of our price range and then subsequently targeted another player in Carlos where we have similar issues which are also delaying/preventing the deal.
  8. If we were mid-table i'd share your thought process but we're not. Instead we're dropping points left, right and center because our defence is awful and we're running out of games. We wasted 2 weeks on Botman and appear to be doing the same on Carlos. If they land their preferred targets but they only play 15 games instead of 19 and we go down they've messed up. I'll reiterate, I believe the new ownership to be doing a good job on the whole. I just think they've botched the CB hunt.
  9. I agree on this. But Botman was our number 1 target and we spent 2 weeks on him and failed. We now appear to have spent the best part of 2 weeks on Carlos and on the face of it progress appears slow and as a result we'll likely play 2 winnable games with no new CB and we've dropped 2 points in the first of those winnable games. It's not great is all I'm saying.
  10. But they'll have tried their best though. So you're saying it's not ok to ask questions at 3 weeks (where we'll have played 2 huge games vs Watford and Leeds) but it is ok to ask questions at 4 weeks?
  11. Using the logic of the club are trying and pushing but ultimately failing (so far) to obtain a player in the position we most need. Using that same logic, if come the end of the window we haven't signed a CB we shouldn't critisce them because it won't be through lack of trying. Effort alone isn't always enough (see half of our first 11). Just to add, I'm of the opinion the new ownership are doing a good job in difficult circumstances. I just think the CB pursuit has been a bit of a mess and a prolonged one at that.
  12. Or, they could target players that are readily available for the money they're willing to pay. They know the fee for Carlos, either pay it or move on. Some sensitive souls on here the moment the smallest criticism of the new ownership is mentioned.
  13. Doesn't sound like this is going to happen in time for the weekend. If we don't have a new CB in by the time Saturday comes around it'll be a failure of the hierarchy given it's our priority position and we'll be 3 weeks in to the window.
  14. Dummett with Lewis at LB. Dummett and Trippier are both good talkers and could talk Carlos and Lewis through games, plus we'd have pace right across the back line.
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