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  1. New owners, 2 slovenly fuckers gone in less than a week, charnley soon, windows washed, a coach coaching tactics, links to Fonseca, Martinez etc ? what in the £0.35p energy drink is going on man ?
  2. https://www.oddschecker.com/football/football-specials/newcastle/next-permanent-manager
  3. Admin already decided what thread title is to be changed to when the blimp has finally gone ? Perhaps ”he’s gone” ?
  4. Would of preferred Mandy to of made that comment to local media outlets for clarity tbh if she has made it The inertia is crippling for the moral of the players, they look disinterested, demotivated & devoid with him still here, would love to be part of their whatsaap groups
  5. Steve Bruce ended the whirlwind week of Newcastle’s takeover with a trip to the West End to watch The Tina Turner Musical. Witnesses said the Toon boss was out of his seat dancing to the songs of Tina — and with the prospect of an £8m pay-off, who could blame him? Simply a pest
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