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  1. Now that Whitley has stopped being strung along by Keith, there isn’t much to have a dig at. People were just frustrated at being told every five minutes their own opinion was irrelevant because Keith is ITK and the takeover is going to happen by [insert deadline here which never happened].
  2. Judge him on results. I mean, judge him on performances. I mean, judge him when ASM and Wilson are both fit. I mean, judge him on surviving relegation. Judge him against Rafa’s start. I mean, judge him after three seasons. Judge him in comparison to Potter. I mean, don’t compare him to Potter. Judge him on the transfer business. I mean, don’t judge him on the transfers he has no control. Must be a nightmare being Edwards. Mad that the local rags don’t pull him up on this shite. Then again, it’s a boys club with them
  3. He’s probably not wrong on this occasion mind. Still a cunt though.
  4. More chance of Bruce managing us in the Championship than him getting peddled. The only way he’ll get sacked is if the takeover happens, or becomes so close that the consortium are able to have an influence on Ashley. So basically, we’ll get relegated.
  5. It worked perfectly though? Other than a few Ashley chants sung by those funding his club, what else has he had to contend with?
  6. Can see a total Tottenham collapse here now, if Arsenal fancy it this could get embarrassing.
  7. Think Kane is gonna regret Spurs not cashing in on Kane too.
  8. Dele Alli proving every week why Mourinho was right to bin him off. Mad how his career has never taken off as it could have. Another massive waste of talent. Edit - will probably show me up now.
  9. Really want Arteta to do well. Apart from their first three games they’ve actually looked fairly decent this season. Losing to Brentford, Chelsea and Man City probably won’t be seen as such a shock by the end of the season too.
  10. Says a lot about his quality if he can’t get a game for fucking Aberdeen.
  11. He was going to win the ballon d'or according to some after that. In reality, he looks exactly the same player as when he left. Dwight Gayle v2.0.
  12. If he gets the rematch it’ll be another loss.
  13. I’d hazard a guess when we thrashed Bournemouth. Other than that I’d be struggling to name a match, I’m not even confident that’s right.
  14. Through to the last 16 of the cup too.
  15. So in the last three years all they’ve achieved/are doing is engaging in a process that is open to all supporter groups as standard and spoke to the Box Office on behalf of fans? I think the following would be useful: - Supporting/advertising/getting involved in some form of organised peaceful protest to highlight the significant issues at and facing the club. - If that’s unacceptable, they could use their significant reach to continually highlight said issues through their buddies in the media. - Some form of reaching out to members to understand what membe
  16. Norwich apparently dead and buried according to most, but they’re still one win away from matching us. They’ve also played Everton, Man City, Liverpool, Leicester and Arsenal in their opening games. Only difficult match we’ve had is Man Utd. If Bruce was sacked we’d comfortably finish mid table with the squad we have. If he remains, I wouldn’t bet much on us finishing above Norwich.
  17. I was referring more to them putting in a minging performance with the majority of chances wasted by the other two. Not worded particularly well as I just clumped it all together.
  18. I disagree. We’re still getting our fair share of luck. We should be on zero points like. But Leeds, Watford & Southampton all put in minging performances and wasted tons of chances between them. We’ll scrape by, again.
  19. He won’t be going anywhere. It’ll go down as a great performance and result today.
  20. The away end will miraculously find their Bruce out chants again now… after forgetting them for the last hour.
  21. Just found out Jussi Jääskeläinen’s son plays for Crewe and he’s a goalkeeper too. Fantastic.
  22. This’ll be where the opposition manager makes a tactical change or two at half time and we come out and can’t cope.
  23. Cornet makes it 1-2 with a nice clean finish.
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