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  1. I live in Glasgow, it’s a pretty common phrase. Get through a power of work is the most heard, but you hear it with literally anything, power of booze, power of fanny, power of drugs etc. Can be used with all sorts!
  2. Credit where it’s due. Well done that man. Something to build on hopefully!
  3. Thank fuck! Absolutely brilliant! Had to ignore it for the family’s sake - past few weekends have basically ruined all family time. Dram tonight to celebrate!
  4. While I don’t think he should be sacked, there’s going to be a lot of pressure and scrutiny should we lose. Some of it it entirely warranted IMO.
  5. If play 4 at the back I think we need two midfielders to sit and Joelinton further forward. I have no idea who that two would be. We are so fucked.
  6. Or to put it another way, he is bang average, but what we have at the moment is fucking turd
  7. I dunno, I watched a few of their games over the years, and I see a better player than what we’ve got. Nothing special, nowhere near Digne, but better than our lot. I felt there were times when he worked well with Grealish on the left and looked capable of hitting decent passes over the top, and delivering into the box.
  8. I think Targett is decent personally. Better than what we have, decent delivery. Doubt he will want to come here though.
  9. The Brett Emerton of the PIF era. Will undoubtedly be used as part of a “monitoring”/“over the line” joke on here in 10 years time
  10. If I were the consortium, I’d be keeping a list of all the clubs who have dicked us about and in a couple of years time just start fucking them up, unsettling players, gazumping their bids, stealing their youth prospects. Scorched earth.
  11. If we stayed up, I think we could probably try to go for someone a bit younger and more talented tbh.
  12. Jesus just do the loan. Don’t particularly want him beyond summer anyway.
  13. This window is turning into a total shambles
  14. Bet it’s Villa, and if it is, the meltdown will be unreal
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