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  1. Imagine the beautiful bastard won us our first trophy…
  2. I get that people want new - but with Rafa I don't see it as going back per se. Given that he wasn't chased out of town like Bruce, it's more of a picking up where you left of kind of thing. I also think that because he knows the squad, what they can offer, and they will remember what was expected of them, it would take less time to get things organised in terms of the first team. He may not be the right man to take us beyond that, but he can certainly lay the foundations. I would take him back in a heartbeat. The man just got us, and deserves a crack at us with some money.
  3. Could revisit the old positive optimism thread - some great debate in there
  4. Wonder if there's any mileage in having an area acknowledging the thread about people's misgivings/conflict around the ownership and our thoughts on it? Feel like all we have is bad press about Newcastle fans at the moment and there's no balance to this at all.
  5. Aye I know right! Lovely old morally righteous Rangers, a bastion of inclusivity. Never a bad thing associated with that club like.
  6. This is fun...wonder how long Jimbo will hang around
  7. Don't usually look at RTG, but had a little glance at the thread on us. Not sure what the fuck is going on between companies house, getting in touch with the football supporters association, getting the "Rangers Lads" on board, getting legal advice around the piracy issue, and asking amnesty international to give tictactom66 a summary of their objections to the takeover... They is hurting
  8. Happy to contribute an article here and there. As someone who has been away from Newcastle for 17 years, this club and the forum keeps me tied to the city.
  9. Other things people should walk away from for moral reasons: Visiting the United States Taking drugs Using facebook The Catholic Church Islam All religion Betting companies Using fossil fuels in cars Eating meat The list could go on
  10. Quite sure that would have been 3-0 if it was Bruce
  11. The amount of times they’re backing in not attempting to challenge for the ball is insane
  12. Lampard is shite, no thanks
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