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  1. Rod’s from Middlesbrough so his opinion is no surprise. What is remarkable is how we’ve reconciled he and Glendenning; now united by their hatred of of us. Sweet
  2. Yassassin

    Chris Wood

    Cornet only scores when Wood is on the pitch. In the Premier League, anyway.
  3. Yassassin

    Chris Wood

    Drastic times call for drastic measures and this feels drastic
  4. I see your point but if your current centre-halves are speaking in gibberish to each other perhaps it’s worth the risk
  5. I imagine that there’ll be a vacant block between home and visiting supporters on L7 but the home section could well be sold out. Possibly over 50000. Probably only 48000 or so ‘screaming geordies’©️ though
  6. Not to mention three League Championships since 1993
  7. Best of the season so far, imo, in the PL
  8. A professional footballer seeking to maximise their earnings from a comparatively short career to assure their own and their family's financial security is sensible
  9. If this had been down to VAR, we’d have been forced to play it
  10. I’m horrified by the fact that this tactic didn’t dawn on our management as quickly as it did on the other fuckers. Good recovery though, tbf
  11. Super performance by all. We all know we’re short of quality in many areas but that performance puts me in Proud to be a Geordie mode
  12. He accidentally stood on him like Boris accidentally had some parties this time last year. It happens
  13. VAR redefining risible. Atrocious
  14. Yassassin

    Jamal Lewis

    He did look pleased and tbf his second-half was his best period for us imo. The bar wasn’t high mind
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