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  1. Rio is an absolute thundercunt, like.
  2. We had the best and most expensive squad in Championship history, If memory serves. Hardly that impressive.
  3. I do wonder what's next for him if he leaves Everton. Going after the money again in some nothing league or a midtable club in Spain perhaps?
  4. https://www.youtube.com/c/apetor He went through the ice and drowned on Friday.
  5. Think he's our best defender and he really should start if he's available.
  6. The Butcher

    Paul Dummett

    He's a better option than Clark as the left sided CB. That's not a sign of quality mind
  7. One day we'll be able to watch a Newcastle XI without thinking: 'What the fuck is that?' Today is not that day.
  8. One of the biggest cunts in history. The Cuntosaurus Rex.
  9. Venom 2. Liked the first one, but the second one is really, really bad.
  10. Mad Max. Miles better. Shitloads of sand in that one as well.
  11. Better get that 500m a year Aramco deal done then.
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