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steve wraith


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Guest Anth.Nufc

Biggest w***** ever.


Why is he? not saying he is or isnt just dont know that much about him apart from when he speaks on sky etc.

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Charlie Kray. The twins elder brother was introduced to me at a party in Hackney and we got on like a house on fire. Charlie was always the perfect host and always had a smile on his face and a drink in his hand. We worked together on merchandise for the twins and arranging a lot of the Kray parties. I was a character witness for Charlie at his drugs trial and subsequently a regular visitor to him in prison until he passed away in 2000.




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he calls ashley an embarassment?


takes one to know one mate.



He talks more sense than 98% so far seen outside SJP - make that 99.9....but thats not saying much, and hardly to be seen as a compliment.

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Guest marky555

That video is an absolute roar.........the bit before he starts dancing again "....Here we gan..." , then he starts jumping round like a fucking idiot.


Thought this guy spoke a bit of sense outside of SJP, barring the non-alcoholic drink bit......any respect I had for him has just gone after this, thinks he's some kind of legend around here by the looks of things....and he's not.

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