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Sack the board

Benwell Lad

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Anyone who feels it necessary to protest about Keegan's resignation tomorrow, could you please chant something more original and feasible than "Sack the board".

We've been singing it since the 60s when we wanted Lord Westwood removed and it has been heard at regular intervals ever since despite not having any affect whatsoever. To people around the UK it's as much a Newcastle tradition as the Blaydon Races or Local Hero.


Frankly it doesn't even make sense, although now for the first time that we have an owner who is not on the board perhaps he could actually sack them, but as most of the angry mob seem to blame him for everything, sacking the board probably wouldn't appease them as it's the owner they're after, despite being the only person in the history of our club to invest significant amounts of his OWN cash into ensuring the club's survival.


"Sack the owner, sack the owner, sack the owner....................

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