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Wenger complains of unfair treatment...


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Will there ever be a game of football where Arsene Wenger doesn't come out and whinge about referees/opposition tactics? IMO he's making a big mistake here, giving his players an excuse for their failure to perform to the standard required.


I've got a lot of respect for what he's acheived, but this sort of thing just makes him look spoilt and childish.

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Guest Darth Toon

Did he mentioned that his player attacked the goalkeepr as if he was playing Fifa 98?


:lol: Always a favourite move when the game was lost!

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Haha, did you see Pulis' statement?


Embarassing Wenger for changing tack, on Saturday he accepted Stoke's combative approach, now he says they hacked his lot down.


As much of a genius the man is, he's still French.


How true!

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Guest guinness_fiend

pulis should have replied in a french accent and a with a shrug "I deedn't zee zee inzeedent"





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