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Idiotic Manager

Crumpy Gunt

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He's not as daft as he seems if he managed to wriggle out of the Stoke business. Maybe he'll get off with giving Mackem Brown a phlegm shower against hull?  O0


Didnt think he actually did much in the Hull game, be suprised if he gets much for that.

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Fined £500 for 'Mickey Mouse' jibe at Fulham ref. Got off with Stoke carry on.





He was goimg to call the  linesmen, goofy, and donald duck, and the forth official popeye,.....but he wasnt feeling Too Grand.


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We're living in sad times if someone gets fined for calling a ref mickey mouse ffs lol


The players get called all sorts by their managers, because they're getting paid to do a job. Its a responsability, they do badly theyll get criticized.



Yet say anything against someone whos got the power to single handedly decide the outcome of a match and show any displeasure towards him and oh my fg lets fine the world



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Guest sittingontheball

Micky Mouse is wearing a Joe Kinnear wrist watch


First time I heard that one it was an "Alan Gowling watch".


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