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Clattenburg not sacked


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I honestly don't even know who he is.


When'st he last time he reffed us?


Never. He's a Mag.


Alan Shearer testimonial :pow:


Good point. Anyway, they never let bias stop Jeff Winter calling off our games weeks in advance, Clattenburg should have been allowed to ref our games after that fiasco.

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Damn shame this, I think he's better than Howard Webb.  Hope he wins the appeal but if he does he'll probably get frozen out anyway.


I disagree, but he's up there.


I'm biased, naturally  :pow:

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Just to cheer up the Everton fans around here:







Following a disciplinary investigation into issues relating to his private business affairs, Mark Clattenburg was initially dismissed by a PGMO Disciplinary Inquiry. Mark Clattenburg appealed against this decision.


After full and careful consideration, the Appeal Panel has concluded that the original Disciplinary Inquiry decision should be upheld but a less severe sanction imposed.


The Appeal Panel has therefore reinstated Mark Clattenburg as a Select Group Referee, but ordered that a suspension of eight months be served from the original suspension date of 6 August 2008.


In addition Mark Clattenburg has been reminded of his responsibilities and contractual obligations as a Select Group Official, particularly in regard to full disclosure of any outside business interests.


PGMO is confident that he has the ability to regain his position as one of English football's top officials.

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Guest firetotheworks

  He was one of the best refrees it is shame it come to this.


ermmm what? one of the worst imo.


Dont be sillly, you silly billy.

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