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BBC Sport main headline


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That third person stuff is awful.


Should have heard Brian Laws on the radio about taking over Wednesday. "There's no reason why the man who takes Wednesday back up to the promised land can't be Brian Laws".



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Guest thenorthumbrian

I can't believe he's started referring to himself in the third person. Is he trying to cement himself as even more of a **** than he already has?


Glenn Roeder needs to **** off.


Agreed the bloke looks like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

He is way out of his depth.

I half expect him to burst into tears everytime he gets interviewed these days. 

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Talk about a non-story!




Headline ' Roeder to meet Shepherd', they're going on as if they never, ever, speak to each other and a meeting is automatically bad news. Bet he 'meets' him every day ffs.


Bad news for us is if they DON'T meet, cos it reduces the chance of this twat getting sacked.

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watching the camera go to roeder and pearson against sheffield was like a man awaiting the hangmans noose,totally clueless not even barking out orders the pair of them.


What do you expect??


A terrible manager, and an assistant who is part of the West Brom tale of mediocrity.

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Hughes has blamed Ref's decision's against his team.  Roeder has to go for the injury scenario.  Once or twice is alright, more and it is over kill.

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