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Hitler finds out Newcastle have been relegated


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Guest Stephen927

How many different themes have been used with that video? There's been one where Hitlers Xbox broke  :lol:



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One of the related videos:



Description reads: " You couldn't make it up...Newcastle relegated on the final day of the season with a comical own goal. How the world laughs at the Geordie 'Nation', their deluded fans, their lazy overpaid players, their 'messiahs', etc etc etc :D".

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I reckon even Hitler Would have spotted we went into a campaign with inadequate cover


"Even Hitler". :lol: Makes no fucking sense whatsoever.



If your too thick, sorry

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I'd rather have seen Hess and Himmler play CM than Butt and Nolan tbh.


EDIT: that includes them now, as dead men

Goebbels with his gammy leg alongside porky Goering would be more dynamic than those fuckers
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Guest Phil K

Theres another much better done on YouTube using the same piece of film - whoops ! Sorry - just seen it's mentioned twice by others !

Staggering though, how much obsession there has been about us from the same people who say we're "deluded" and not a big club, isn't it ?

It's rather like those peabrains that watch "Britain's got talent" "Big brother" "Pop Idol" religously, and whine on about them loudly to anyone who bothers to listen to their moronic droning. (Christ...I'd rather poke my eyes out than watch any of them) and repeat whatever the press has said as if it's THEIR comments (witness the constant references to "messiah" for instance, the London/Manchester presses favourite word regarding Newcastle)

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