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Gooners away


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You notice top clubs can play in a 4-5-1,  4-4-2,  4-3-3 or a 4-1-4-1, but even if we had a fully fit squad we would stiill struggle to play anything but a 4-4-2.

In the league you have to be able to adapt to other formations, even more so when away from home.

I watched the Gooners take Liverpool apart yesterday and I am so worried we are going to be on the wrong end of the biggest thrashing the Prem has ever seen when we go down there at the weekend.

Emre not playing is going to be a massive blow, he would have been my choice for the man to get into Fabregas, he is their key and Emre's engery is needed to close him down and deny him time on the ball.

They play in a kind of 4-5-1 even at home with Van Percie, Fabregas and Hleb being the ones to get up to support Henry.


We play a 4-5-1 and play whoever is fit as the top man then try and bang route one balls upto them, where the Gooners pass out from the back and build play.

Alot of their stuff is narrow though with Van Percie offering the only real wide play option, trouble is if we play Ramage at LB VP will have him running around in circles and take him to bits.

If Parker does not make it because of injury and we have already lost Emre what do we do ? the 2 players we could have counted on to close down and get stuck in both missing.  blueeek.gif

Can we just right this off now and maybe use this game as a chance to try something we havent done before.

Our squad gets thinner and thinner every game we play, got Dyer back but lost Carr and Parker.

I see our options as...

Given, Harper, Pav, Moore, Bramble, Ramage, Huntington, Duff, Nobby, Zoggy, Milner, Butt, Dyer, Pattison, O'Brian, Troisi, Rossi, Martins, Sibierski.

But out of those above these will all be away this week on international duties.

Given (just back not played a game yet)

Moore (groin strain already)




O Brien




If any of these come back injured then we are going to be lucky to have a starting 11 and a full bench.

So howay you master tactitions amongst us, save us from embarrisment.


My choice would be, if they stay fit.

Game of no chance try something new.

















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Pack the midfield with Butt and Parker if fit in the middle with Dyer to support the strikers. Milner and N'Zogbia to play more narrow to try and narrow the space now. If we can keep it tight first 20mins who knows, trying to be optmistic like but yer if theres a God...... have mercy

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the gooners would have been well up for the pool match, but not so up for ours imo.


i expect them to beat us 2-0 with a lethargic but confident performace

I dunno mate they are trying to make the Emerates home and nothing does that like a good thrashing of a team, they are chasing the pack and will see us a chance to get a good win and plenty of goals, nothing gets the crowd singing like a big win.

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Guest Darth Toon

Only way to beat them is to attack with pace and harry like whippets



Agree with that - I would play:





Taylor - Moore - Ramage - Babayaro


Milner - Parker - Butt - N'Zogbia







Sit Martins on the half way line, and use his pace as an "out" ball in behind their full-backs, who push forward a lot.


Support him with Dyer and Zoggy, but keep Butt and Parker deep, as if we over-commit we'll get raped on the counter.


Really not looking forward to this one - what's our record Premiership defeat??

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Frustrate them in midfield and hit them with pace when we can, Sib to try and hold the ball up for our players breaking from our midfield. Moore and Bramble are to slow and clumbsy against the likes of Henry Van Persie and Fabregas etc




Milner    Taylor  Ramage  Baba


Martins Dyer  Parker Zoggy  Duff








Butt  (bring on if anyone is struggling)


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I think Liverpool were too open yesterday and left themselves far too exposed in midfield. No one can play Arsenal at their own game, especially at home, as no one else has that pace and movement in attack.


We should pack the midfield and frustrate them, maybe go with 3 at the back. It's not pretty, but who gives a shit.

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At best we can hope Given, Parker, Martins, Moore, Baba and Taylor are fit for this one.

If we are without them then this is going to be a thrashing.


Championship players.


If Babayaro plays, he'll get taken to bits.


:huff: He'll only be up against Eboue and Hleb, its the RB I would worry about, he'll be up against Henry, Rosicky(?) and Clichy  :lol:

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Van Percie gets wide right so who ever is at LB will get pulled about alover the place and if its Ramage he is get creamed, cannot put a right fooetr at LB against Van Percie.


So looks like the order of the day is get in their faces and DO NOT allow  them any time ont he ball. Do we have the players to do that though ? no Emre and maybe no Parker.


Roeder's left to wait on injuries

Nov 13 2006

By Alan Oliver, The Evening Chronicle


Glenn Roeder faces an anxious wait to see just what kind of defence he will be able to turn out in Saturday's game with Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium.


Stephen Carr limped off in Saturday's disappointing goalless draw with Manchester City at Eastlands with a badly bruised toe, and he has been pulled out of the Republic of Ireland squad for Wednesday's European Championship qualifier with San Marino in Dublin.


Steven Taylor is out of England's Under-21 match with Holland in Alkmaar with groin trouble, and with both Celestine Babayaro (groin) and Titus Bramble (back) missing the trip to Manchester it's not looking good for United.


Certainly in his only free midweek for the rest of this year, worrying about the make-up of his defence is not exactly what Roeder wanted this week - especially when he has plenty of issues at the other end of the field.


United will already be without Emre in their first visit to the Emirates Stadium after the midfielder's fifth booking of the season earned him a one-match ban.


Apart from Taylor, Scott Parker has pulled out of the England squad for their friendly with Holland in Amsterdam on Wednesday night with groin trouble, and Matty Pattison has been forced to withdraw from the South African squad for the friendly with Egypt because of a knee injury.


However, despite the withdrawals of Parker, Taylor, Pattison and Carr, United will still have seven players on international duty at a time when Roeder would have wanted them to have a much-needed rest.


Craig Moore has been struggling with a bit of groin trouble, but he has still linked up with the Australian squad for tomorrow's friendly with Ghana.


But at least the game is in London, at Brentford's Griffin Park, although the United defender is not certain to play.


Someone who is certain to return to the action for the first time is Shay Given, who will keep goal for the Republic of Ireland against San Marino in Dublin.


He will be joined in the Irish squad by Damien Duff and United will be hoping that their £5m man finds some better form in Dublin.


And after being left out at Manchester City, Seppe Rossi is in the Italian Under-21 squad for tomorrow's friendly with the Czech Republic.


Emre will also be back on the international scene after his ban in Wednesday's game with Italy in Bergamo, while Alan O'Brien has dropped down to the Republic of Ireland B squad for tomorrow's friendly with Scotland in Dublin.


And James Milner is with the England Under-21 squad in Holland tomorrow night.


United could have an eighth player away as young striker James Troisi is expected to be called up by Australia.

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Kinel, it could be 8 games lost by Saturday and we're only in November  :(


I'm not looking forward to the reaction if we get walloped, which could happen.

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I suppose we could play Pattison he is fast, bags of energy and would chase and close down in midfield, its what we need so he could start run himself into the ground frustrate the Gooners then we can look to chnage him for another young fast player to take over the role, maybe O'Brian.

if Parker does not play we have have no other choice.

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Van Persie plays on the left man Skirge, Hleb rules the right.


Aye, and surely even if VP played right playing a right-footer against a left-footer playing there would be good sense an' all, rather than the other way around!?


4-5-1 is a certainty, pace up front and on the flanks will be vital.


Dyer - Parker - Butt - Emre - N'Zogbia would have been my preferred midfield, but I suppose you can move the Zog inside and stick Duff on the left flank, if Parker doesn't make it then you move Dyer inside and stick Nobby on the right flank.


So either:


Dyer - Parker - Butt - N'Zogbia - Duff




Solano - Dyer - Butt - N'Zogbia - Duff


for the midfield.


Defence, again if all fit, would have been for me:


Taylor - Bramble - Moore - Ramage, simply for the extra height it would give us for set-plays both in an attacking and defensive sense, pace would be a worry though. No idea what the defence is going to be with the mooted injuries.


Given in goal and Martins up front, if possible.


PS: I seem to have forgotten that James Milner exists.

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