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Cheapest/best way of getting NUFC shirts to the US?


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Thought it'd be a good time to post this late-on as our American fans should all be floating around.


After spending the summer in the States, I managed to convert a fair few "soccer fans" into raging "Toons" (as they decided to call themselves, despite the fact I tried to explain that we didn't really refer to ourselves as such...)


Anywho, I promised them that I'd get some shirts sorted out and shipped over for them (ideally with printing on) when I was in a position to do so (i.e. caught up on the crazy amounts of money I frittered away while over there.)


So basically I'm just wondering what my options are, based on people's knowledge/experiences of doing this. I know that shipping costs can be a real ball-ache, as I remember a lot of foreign fans complaining about the issue when we were in dialogue with the club about such matters.


Cheers in advance for any help, means a lot. :thup:


(Should add that they don't need to be the current shirts and that I'll probably be buying about half a dozen, maybe more. It was one of the older fella's birthday while I was out there and I managed to track down the 02-04 one in a store in Fresno about 15 minutes from their home (with the blue Northern Rock sponsor), which he was absolutely delighted with.)


Couldn't get the current ones anywhere local for love nor money though.

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So long as they arn't buying them off the web and getting them sent across they should be fine, if they did it that way they would then have to pay import tax.


Best way to get them bought here, and send them over, may cost a little bit though, try sending it via ship instead of airmail, it brings the cost down but can take about 6 weeks to get there. I know because I have family in Canada and this is how we send our stuff over. Unless your planning a holiday anytime soon then their is no better way to get them across. I'm sure some sports shop somewhere over there would sell them though.


You could try buying them from a USA sports shop, like here: http://www.soccernetstore.com/shop-by-team-newcastle-united-fc.html


I think they do free delivery, but it costs about $70 for the shirt, plus $8 for lettering, and $8 for numbers, which is about £50-£60 each for a shirt depending on the exchange rate on each given day.

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What he said about ESPNsports. They even have lots of brick and mortar branches that usually carry English soccer football shirts (might not find a Newcastle United one now that you aren't top flight, but I distinctly remember Michael Owen shirts on display at their Times Square branch years ago).



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