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read that.  Was OK I guess.  Didn't quiet follow his working for the co-op metaphor.  I mean, it would work if people grew up supporting specific food outlets.  Or if people were to do their job at food outlets in front of 50,000 fans every other weekend, whilst traveling to away stores in between.  You get where I'm going with this...


Still prodded, vaguely, implying that there is a debt that Barton should be paying back to the club for all the 'loyalty' he had been shown over the years.  Didn't like that it skirts around the actual issue of Joey's unrest and it's conclusions on his worth to the team isn't particularly backed up in any way other than personal opinion (shudder).



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Guest TheSummerOf69

Not really a blog, but an easy way of seeing lots of nufc news feeds in one place, http://www.nufc.tv


As is this...





(The tiresome misleading headlines of the US [spot the many references to "the Newcastle Club"] nufcblog.com are there,

as are the warring spin-offs nufcblog.co.uk and nufcblog.org)

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