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Hindsight - Would you have


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Phil Jones looks the better player and it is a fantasy thread so I'd chuck £20m at him.  Then because it's a fantasy I'd chuck £20m at Smalling for good measure.


Smalling was not on a contract at Maidstone (as it would have prohibited him from playing for England Schoolboys), and as such the Isthmian League club were not entitled to a fee for the player, however Fulham struck a deal which saw Maidstone given £10,000 upon the transfer and £10,000 for every ten league games he played


Heck, if this is a fantasy I'd have been happy to give Maidstone £30m to nip in ahead of 'boro and Fulham.

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We are not a club willing to take a reckless approach and permit spending beyond our means, the result of which can be crippling at best and bankruptcy at worst. Instead we have a realistic view of what we can achieve at Newcastle and how quickly we can achieve it.




THE days of Newcastle United acquiring trophy signings who command huge salaries for past successes on the pitch are over.

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