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13/14 vs. 12/13 - The Results


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Just wondering if anyone wants to do something similar to what we had before on here with comparing results to the previous season. Could be fun considering we lost so many last season so will be nice if we better the result each week.


So far:


                                13/14                                 12/13


Man City (away)              4:0                                      4:0                                          Same result


West Ham (home)          0:0                                      0:1                                          Better Result


Fulham (home)              1:0                                      1:0                                            Same result

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Guest bimpy474

Could flesh this out with opinion on whether the performances are better than last seasons.


Fulham and West Ham were IMO although its not exactly hard :lol: City was just as shite as last year.


Same here.

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