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  1. I read that post in Trump's voice 😂 It was my understanding taking a knee was about more than just supporting BLM now anyway and about hate and discrimination of all kinds. This isn't a political issue as you described, it is a societal issue. Football is a showcase to the world and to ignore the problems that exist would be wilfully negligent.
  2. I think bar maybe his first season in the Premier league pre injury, this is is the best he's ever played. He seems to have got himself stronger physically and something about being the main man here has given him that extra something.
  3. ASM having a rare off night aswell. If he can find space to run 2nd half then hopefully we can see this one out. Leicester can't be any worse though and Rogers is a far better manager than Bruce. Just need a repeat of that first half if they can keep the energy up.
  4. Love how he'll play Krafth purely because he's tall rather than the far superior manquillo, who would actually be more suited to playing against vardy or iheanacho
  5. Id say paranoid. Andre mariner has always been a little bit shit against us if memory serves. But outside of maybe a red for fabinho, I don't think there was anything obvious. Wasn't his decision to rule out the goal, and VAR has ruled out similar for other sides this year.
  6. What's the deal with the heavy bandaging on his hands and legs since he returned from injury? Also I always wonder if he is acting abit when he goes down to try and plant in the refs mind that he's getting kicked about or he genuinely is taking really bad kicks to ankles etc.
  7. Special mention for Dubravka and Murphy. Thought they were both excellent today. Shows what confidence can do, when Murphy skinned Robertson at one point.
  8. Can't decide if this is just a massive elaborate threat to call uefas bluff or if this genuinely is like the death of football as we knew it. Stand by my initial feelings though of kicking them out and letting the rest of us fight it out. Would feel like the championship at first. But eventually it would rebuild and could actual be the reset button that football always needed by leveling the playing field.
  9. All of these clubs are replaceable. Football will always exist no matter what. Where the fuck were Man City until 10 years ago or whenever they got the cash injection. Any team given time can grow bigger. Imagine how much bigger Leeds or Newcastle could be if we were top of the league every season and winning trophies. Perceived size of clubs can change all the time. Yes most of these 12 teams have great history within football, but what good is that history if it's now going to be erased? I'm on the side of, fuck these clubs. If they want to go, let them. New clubs will take their place
  10. Yeah. Used to do it before they went live on smackdown if I remember. Spoils it watching back now thinking that some of the reactions probably weren't genuine. Imagine if they didn't have to organically get people over and can just manipulate the crowd noise. Roman and cena would have had nothing but cheers during those times they were hated. Probably Vince's wet dream 😂
  11. I really enjoyed that main event sasha, bianca match. Sometimes feels like the women's main events are forced as wwe want to appear to be pushing their women equally to men and the matches don't feel worthy, but this felt like it belonged as a last match.
  12. alexf

    Jacob Murphy

    A friend of mine pointed out the same with ASM. Scores a great goal and potentially season saving goal and was celebrating alone. Don't think it's anything too concerning though. May just be trying to hold back like they were told to due to covid, or just concentrating on winning the game who knows.
  13. Wonder if they go back to the Jones formation once wilson and ASM are fit to start. Certainly suited Almiron more but if we have to sacrifice that just to grind out some results to stay up then so be it.
  14. There's a player there and it's taken awhile for him to show anything in a Newcastle shirt but he's had some good moments this season. He's just far to inconsistent and has really shit moments too. Just hope though that this club turns a corner and we no longer need to rely on players like Murphy playing out of position and can push on post Ashley 🤞
  15. I love how you can tell his eyes probably just light up when he's got space to run and he's got to go it alone. Wish we could just get him full fit for 90 mins and keep him injury free. Spurs fan I know was trying to say how it was abit weird none of our players celebrated with him after such a massive goal for our season. Probs nothing to read in to though. Maybe all embarrassed that bar maybe Wilson were such a one man team.
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