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2023/24 Fixtures


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2 minutes ago, JLC said:

No news about Spurs (A) yet. Likely to be moved from 3pm Saturday I imagine

Hopefully find out next week if they’re sticking to the six week rule.

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Flying in from South Africa on 30th Dec so likely to miss Liverpool game. I need to leave by 15th Jan and would love to watch City game currently scheduled for 13th Jan… but seems like that fixture may not be confirmed for a while as matches are going to be split over 2 weeks.
I know Liverpool game date/time will be confirmed this week but any idea when City game will be announced?

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Thursday 7th - Everton (a) 19.30

Sunday 10th - Spurs (a) 16.30

Boxing Day - Forest (h) 12.30

New Years Day - Liverpool (a) 20.00

Saturday 13th Jan - Man City (h) 17.30

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