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2023/24 Fixtures


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July 2023
[FR1] Gateshead 2-3 Newcastle United (Saturday 15th at 12.30pm) [National League TV]

[FR2] Rangers 1-2 Newcastle United (Tuesday 18th at 7.45pm) [NUFC TV]

[FR3] Newcastle United 3-3 Aston Villa (Monday 24th at 12am) [Sky]

[FR4] Newcastle United 1-1 Chelsea (Thursday 27th at 1.15am) [Sky]

[FR5] Brighton & Hove Albion 1-2 Newcastle United (Saturday 29th at 12.30am) [Sky]
[FR6] Newcastle United 2-0 Fiorentina (Saturday 5th August at 3.30pm) [None]
[FR7] Newcastle United 4-0 Villarreal (Sunday 6th August at 4pm) [None]

August 2023
[PL1] Newcastle United 5-1 Aston Villa (Saturday 12th at 5.30pm) [Sky]
[PL2] Manchester City 1-0 Newcastle United (Saturday 19th at 8pm) [TNT]
[PL3] Newcastle United 1-2 Liverpool (Sunday 27th at 4.30pm) [Sky]


September 2023
[PL4] Brighton & Hove Albion 3-1 Newcastle United (Saturday 2nd at 5.30pm) [Sky]
[PL5] Newcastle United vs. Brentford (Sunday 16th at 5.30pm) [Sky]
[CL1] TBC (Tuesday 19th/Wednesday 20th at 6pm/8pm) [TNT]
[PL6] Sheffield United vs. Newcastle United (Sunday 24th at 4.30pm) [Sky]
[CC3] TBC (Tuesday 26th* at 7.30pm) [TBC]
[PL7] Newcastle United vs. Burnley (Saturday 30th at 3pm) [None]


October 2023
[CL2] TBC (Tuesday 3rd/Wednesday 4th at 6pm/8pm) [TNT]
[PL8] West Ham United vs. Newcastle United (Saturday 8th at 2pm) [Sky]
[PL9] Newcastle United vs. Crystal Palace (Saturday 21st at 3pm) [None]
[CL3] TBC (Tuesday 24th/Wednesday 25th at 6pm/8pm) [TNT]
[PL10] Wolverhampton Wanderers vs. Newcastle United (Saturday 28th at 5.30pm) [Sky]


November 2023
[PL11] Newcastle United vs. Arsenal (Saturday 4th at 5.30pm) [TBC]
[CL4] TBC (Tuesday 7th/Wednesday 8th at 6pm/8pm) [TNT]
[PL12] Bournemouth vs. Newcastle United (Saturday 11th at 5.30pm) [TBC]
[PL13] Newcastle United vs. Chelsea (Saturday 25th at 3pm) [TBC]
[CL5] TBC (Tuesday 28th/Wednesday 29th at 6pm/8pm) [TNT]


December 2023
[PL14] Newcastle United vs. Manchester United (Saturday 2nd at 3pm) [TBC]
[PL15] Everton vs. Newcastle United (Tuesday 5th at TBC) [TBC]
[PL16] Tottenham Hotspur vs. Newcastle United (Saturday 9th at 3pm) [TBC]
[CL6] TBC (Tuesday 12th/Wednesday 13th at 6pm/8pm) [TNT]
[PL17] Newcastle United vs. Fulham (Saturday 16th at 3pm) [TBC]
[PL18] Luton Town vs. Newcastle United (Saturday 23rd at 3pm) [TBC]
[PL19] Newcastle United vs. Nottingham Forest (Tuesday 26th at TBC) [TBC]
[PL20] Liverpool vs. Newcastle United (Saturday 30th at 3pm) [TBC]


January 2024
[FAC3] TBC (Saturday 6th at 3pm) [TBC]
[PL21] Newcastle United vs. Manchester City* (Saturday 13th/20th at 3pm) [TBC]
[PL22] Aston Villa vs. Newcastle United (Tuesday 30th at TBC) [TBC]


February 2024
[PL23] Newcastle United vs. Luton Town (Saturday 3rd at 3pm) [TBC]
[PL24] Nottingham Forest vs. Newcastle United (Saturday 10th at 3pm) [TBC]
[PL25] Newcastle United vs. Bournemouth (Saturday 17th at 3pm) [TBC]
[PL26] Arsenal vs. Newcastle United (Saturday 24th at 3pm) [TBC]


March 2024
[PL27] Newcastle United vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers (Saturday 2nd at 3pm) [TBC]
[PL28] Chelsea vs. Newcastle United (Saturday 9th at 3pm) [TBC]
[PL29] Crystal Palace vs. Newcastle United (Saturday 16th at 3pm) [TBC]
[PL30] Newcastle United vs. West Ham United (Saturday 30th at 3pm) [TBC]


April 2024
[PL31] Newcastle United vs. Everton (Saturday 3rd at 3pm) [TBC]
[PL32] Fulham vs. Newcastle United (Saturday 6th at 3pm) [TBC]
[PL33] Newcastle United vs. Tottenham Hotspur (Saturday 13th at 3pm) [TBC]
[PL34] Manchester United vs. Newcastle United (Saturday 20th at 3pm) [TBC]
[PL35] Newcastle United vs. Sheffield United (Saturday 27th at 3pm) [TBC]


May 2024
[PL36] Burnley vs. Newcastle United (Saturday 4th at 3pm) [TBC]
[PL37] Newcastle United vs. Brighton & Hove Albion (Saturday 11th at 3pm) [TBC]
[PL38] Brentford vs. Newcastle United (Sunday 19th at 4pm) [TBC]

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We'll do our best to keep this updated for everyone, please let us know if there's anything that's already incorrect or needs adding!


Full August and September TV selections are supposed to be confirmed sometime in July, while October's games are supposed to be confirmed sometime in August.


The commitment from the PL is to give a minimum of six weeks of notice before changing a kick-off time until December, then five weeks from January to gameweek 37, so we'll see how that goes.


We'll get all the Tickets & Travel threads added at some point today, then will link the [PL1], [PL2], [CL1], etc. directly to them so people can easily hop into them.

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12 minutes ago, Mike said:

Also, there's only two stretches with two home games in a row. Fuck's up with that.


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On 17/06/2023 at 16:15, Dancing Brave said:

Sheffield United away on a Saturday 3pm kick off is excellent. I wonder what the away allocation will be. 


Be prepared for any/all of the fixtures to change for TV. I'm not getting too excited about any of the dates just yet. 

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Posted (edited)

Saturday 19 August - 20:00 Man City v Newcastle (TNT Sports)

Sunday 27 August - 16:30 Newcastle v Liverpool (Sky Sports)

Saturday 2 September - 17:30 Brighton v Newcastle (Sky Sports)

Sunday 17 September - 16:30 Newcastle v Brentford (Sky Sports) - *Subject to movement dependent upon the participation of Premier League clubs in the Champions League the following Tuesday

Sunday 24 September - 16:30 Sheff Utd v Newcastle (Sky Sports)




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Hi, I am a Rangers fan and have loved following the toon on tv etc. I just wanted to say that when the toon army come to Glasgow they will be most welcome. If you are bringing kids I suggest you go to the beech avenue social club, 1 beech ave, Ibrox. £2 entry kids go free. Short walk to the stadium and the locals are friendly. Safe trip and enjoy the game.


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On 13/07/2023 at 12:18, Rich said:

Can't knock the hustle.

? Trying to help folk. A lot of pubs on paisley road west and city centre don't allow children in.

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52 seater coach for the away game at Sheffield UTD on the 24th September now ready. 12:30PM pick up from central station down to Bramall Lane, drinks and chanting welcome on the coach, we will return from Sheffield at 7:30PM. £15 there £15 back... Total £30 per person. If you're interested just add our account and drop us a message on Facebook "NUFC Away Day Coaches" First come first served. Thank you fellow Geordies.

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