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Dyer-Shevchenko straight swap.


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A deal in my opinion which could benefit both clubs.


Chelsea need a player who can bring some speed and fluidity linking the centre of midfield to both the strikers and the advanced wingers. Dyer is that man, and would be selected just behind Drogba, with Shevchenko making way.


Then you get Schevchenko at Newcastle, one of the best strikers in the world, being allowed to play his natural game with support from Martins, Milner, Solano, Duff or N'Zogbia.

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I'm saying that swapping Shevchenko for Dyer would be a good move for both teams.


I think you are mental personally, Chelsea have a few players in their squad who could do just as good a job and im certain if they wanted someone like Dyer they would just go out and buy them.

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They are wide players, not central players.


Personally, I would say a team which fielded an attacking quartet of



Robben Dyer Ronaldo


would be the best attacking and most unstoppable quartet in the world, and the defence would not be compromised.

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I bet Shevchenko would love to play for a club like us!


Of course. He'd think, 'Hey, nobody is making chances for me at Chelsea, that's why I cannot score! I'll go to Newcastle!'


Fucking hell.

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you drunk or somet?


I was just about to ask the exact same question, in 2 threads tonight I have seen what appears to be drunken bollocks from T27 :lol:


Only 2?


Well more than likely a few more but I have probably only really looked in 2 thread in Newcastle chat and both have him talking like a drunk :lol:

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So you would drop Lampard for Dyer?


Nope at Chelsea, with Dyer, I would field the following:



Ferreirra Terry Carvalho Cole


Essien Lampard

Cole Dyer Robben



While if I could choose a team which is most destructive in the world (not best individuals, but most destructive)



Back Four


Pirlo Kaka

Ronaldo Dyer Robben


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