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Newcastle's Injuries


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Taken from physioroom.com


i know it's nothing new being top of the injury table, but it looks as though a fair few of the injuries will be sorted over the next few days and weeks (i know in Carr's case this is a bad thing) so may actually have some squad depth and experienced players for the tail end of the season and for the UEFA games. ...although fully expect Babayaro to be crocked with 2 minutes of being declared fit so he can go back to lounging around his house.


Newcastle United 10 S Carr thigh 10th Feb 07 

                                T Krul knee no return date 

                                S Given groin 10th Feb 07 

                                P Ramage hamstring 10th Feb 07 

                                  Emre calf 25th Feb 07 

                                C Babayaro hamstring 10th Feb 07 

                                C N’Zogbia knee 3rd Mar 07

                                C Moore hamstring 10th Feb 07 

                                S Ameobi hip Jun 07 

                                M Owen knee (ACL) May 07 

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Thought Carr was a month?


Given won't be back IMO.


Ramage is shit.


Emre won't play whilst this racism thing is ongoing.


Babayaro might as well not bother.


Moore might be back on the bench.

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For all of them that are injured, I'd only be arsed about seeing Babayaro, Emre, Given, N'Zogbia and Owen back in the starting eleven (still half a bloody team, like.)


I'd prefer to see Ameobi in the squad than Sibierski, but Carr, Moore and Ramage shouldn't get into a 16-strong matchday squad in my eyes and Krul isn't a major factor yet, although it's not ideal that such a hot-prospect is struggling with injuries so much.


I'd take Babayaro at LB over Carr, Edgar, Huntington and Taylor any day of the week, or I'd move Duff back there.

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Quit talking about injuries. How many times does Roeder have to tell you guys.


For the 34th time in the last 20 days Roeder announced "I have never used the injuries as an excuse and I never will." - today's Journal.



Also in today's Journal - "Getting people back fit will obviously help and ultimately determine where we will finish in the table."


That's not contradictory, that's a FACT! :lol:




Source: icnewcastle

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But...but we were promised Carr was out for a month! :(


don't worry - that fat fuck is a slower healer than my 98 year old grand ma

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