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Freds on Fire Today!


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In addition to alienating his star player, he said this gem:


Shepherd also played down suggestions Sven-Goran Eriksson is a candidate for the Newcastle manager's vacancy.


Eriksson's agent Athole Still has claimed the former England boss had the support of 51% of Geordies.


Shepherd said: "Where he gets that figure from, I can't imagine.


"I think 51% of Geordies might like the idea of Sven's girlfriend Nancy Dell'Olio on the Newcastle Quayside."


:lol: He was blotto when he made all these statements wasn't he?

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Guest graemeh72

Tap that.


We all would just to piss of sven.


Talking of piss...


If Fred is on fire today, then I can't imagine too many people queing to piss on him

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