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  1. I'm biased as I fucking hate him but he's absolutely horrendous. Best part of the game was Pearce saying that Frankie de Jong said "Why would any midfielder look to pass backwards?" and Jenas fell silent before saying "... Frankie de Jong said that??" His entire career eviscerated in a sentence live on air.
  2. If you wanted to abandon ship and come over here @Decky would you be able to get a visa?
  3. Edwin Poots lasted even shorter than he thinks the age of the Earth is.
  4. 1 tackle short, 1 SOT short
  5. Nah it's a good resource that, I tend to use it for shots on targets and forget it exists for anything else, thanks for the reminder.
  6. You can get most of what you need on Whoscored.com. I posted a spreadsheet in here last week that I'd compiled from each country's Nations League campaigns, that's been helpful. It's basically a matter of using stats as well as your own judgment of how you think the game will go, who will dominate, have most shots etc. 365 tend to offer 2 players each team in the tackles/passes markets so you can have a look at their line and see if you think it's right or not. For example, they had Pau Torres at 90 passes in the Sweden game the other day. Checked out his numbers and almost always
  7. Goal kicks/tackles/passes etc are the things I'm getting right quite consistently.
  8. This geezer's doing Ukraine vs North Macedonia tomorrow. 7/2 for 2 cards each.
  9. Still don't think I've ever been as blown away by a game as I was by GTA III.
  10. Wullie


    Smallpox vaccine was mandatory, in the UK and the US. Eradicated globally as a result. Maybe it would be better if it were still knocking around with a 30% mortality rate, at least we'd have kept our fweedoms.
  11. I think Turkey in the heat of a Baku summer are a tasty price at 8/5 against the Welsh.
  12. Can't overstate how pig sick I am of the refs at this tournament.
  13. I assume the Croatian anthem must be an ode to Marxism as well.
  14. Not the person you want to be setting the bar.
  15. I can't believe how crap it looks. It's like if Fisher Price designed a news channel. Why is the font on the ticker so massive?
  16. He's been banned off here half a dozen times before, the last time it was for posting several times about "filthy Chinese" in the Covid thread. He was only back in the first place because bans lapsed when we changed the forum software, we decided to give everyone a second chance, well this fucker's had more than enough rope now.
  17. Basically aye. A channel for true patriots who hate everything about Britain. Fuck knows how they've been given a broadcasting licence given that they've spent the last six months advertising their absurdly partisan agenda.
  18. Wullie

    Copa America

    No Rondon these days?
  19. Wullie

    Copa America

    Brazil vs Venezuela on iPlayer now
  20. I'm doing well with the free kicks, goal kicks, tackles etc
  21. Wout Weghorst starts up front for Netherlands. That makes the 9/1 for top team scorer look very big indeed. 20 goals in 34 league games for Wolfsburg this season.
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