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  1. or a random Delaware based shell company
  2. Or if Harper is no good either, find another interim boss we can trust to work on a game by game basis until issues are resolved - Chris Hughton is the obvious individual here.
  3. If Jones won’t take the caretaker manager’s job, we’d be better replacing Bruce with Harper
  4. I’m not fussed if we get relegated. Yes fans will laugh at us but they won’t realise it is Ashley and Bruce putting us in a bad place this season. Rafa showed how we can regroup effectively in the Championship. Equally I’m not fussed if we hire Redknapp or Hodgson or someone else on a £5m for 17th contract, with it being clear that they won’t be retained beyond this season.
  5. I already see this season as damaged to the point that we may not stay up. We are asking a lot of any top name manager to come in and get results with what is frankly a low quality, low mentality, poorly conditioned squad that is going to take a while to fix, plus the January market is slow. it’s quite a lot to ask a top manager to stake their reputation on.
  6. to be honest I don’t even care at this point if I despise them so long as it’s just to see out the season
  7. before things got gloomy under Ashley I think he became known as SUPERDOOM
  8. Football stadiums are now probably the second safest place in the world to have a heart attack
  9. I was about to come in and suggest Redknapp for similar reasons to Hiddink. Think either would be good until May. both would get the best out of what we’ve got and work the January market well
  10. James


    I’m still at a 6. Bruce or not we are in a very bad position with our squad that will be hard to repair. January will be too late. to be honest though I’m chilled with the idea of relegation so long as the owners don’t freak out which I’m sure they won’t.
  11. Chill guys, this is just the part where the Hobbits go back to the Shire and find out that Saruman has taken over
  12. Let’s assume for simplicity that the end of contract and notice requirement date is 30th June. Bruce’s contract is until 30th June 2024 If neither party serves notice by 30th June 2022, then his contract is extended until 30th June 2025
  13. his contract stipulates that unless either party serve notice by XXX then his contract will be extended by 12 months
  14. Ashley had them all on some sort of joint termination contract tied in to the point at recruitment that the candidate could bring a maximum of two coaches with them. as such they go with the manager
  15. Just a thought as it hadn’t been mentioned but perhaps Al-Rumayyan wants to do the honourable thing and speak to Bruce personally before sacking him. They may not know each other personally but may have mutual friends on the golf course. this of course may coincide with his first attendance at SJP for the Spurs game
  16. If he’s still here as a result of him trying to hold out for £8m, just tell him he needs to turn up to take training 4 days a week, and just watch that figure fall
  17. Bruce is still able to get wins with ASM, Wilson and good team spirits. Whilst I’d rather we replaced Bruce ASAP a fair wind is hopefully behind us now and may see us through to Winter
  18. James

    Transfer rumours

    I might just start adding TRUE to start of all my posts to give them authenticity
  19. Possibly a further part of the problem is at this initial stage without the governance of the club being properly set up is that they need to cover, double cover, and triple cover their backs with any decision making such that it can’t be tied to Saudi state. All it will take is a couple of random mutterings from Bruce about a Saudi Prince and the PL will be straight onto us
  20. Just go with the ‘demand a club that tries’ if we can’t make it happen, no problem, but he’s the best candidate for the next three months and the next three years. if we had a £100m budget and d rather spend £30m on Rafa and £70m on players than £100m on players
  21. however if the Everton board go to him and say that they’d rather have £10m than him as manager then it is fair game
  22. That’s actually fine reason to say why he would say no. however to be an ambitious club we need to be creating situations where we are asking the questions rather than being to reluctant or defeatist to try
  23. conveniently ignoring Leicester who are there for the long haul as well
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