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  1. Maybe looking to learn from Steve Bruce on what not to do
  2. jackyboy

    Joe Willock

    His record at Arsenal wasn't great and he certainly wasn't rated by the fans. He did fantastic here but by his own admission Bruce told him to just go out, run around a lot and get in the box. Once Bruce inflicts his tactics and knowledge on him I just worry for him. He deserves so much more
  3. jackyboy

    Joe Willock

    The big problem with Willock coming back here is that a lot of people, especially Bruce, will expect him to be scoring goals for fun and I don't see that happening. The pressure on the lad will be immense and when the goals don't go in Bruce will make him the scapegoat and he'll be benched
  4. jackyboy

    Steve Bruce

    Is that any different to putting your glasses in your top pocket ☺️
  5. I bet his injury won't keep him off the golf course
  6. I maybe missed it on here but what was all that instantly removing their medals about. Seemed to be a bit disrespectful to me
  7. jackyboy

    Jacob Murphy

    Building a team for Division 1
  8. Murphy is for 6 years
  9. When I think back I've actually had worse than AS
  10. jackyboy

    Graeme Jones

    Looks like our Mr Jones is turning England into a proper team also
  11. Any improvement must be down to Southgate having our supercoach alongside him
  12. Rafa will still be coming here. By the time the takeover is done Rafa's 3 year contract with Everton will be coming to an end
  13. Had to switch the commentary off the female commentator was driving me mad. All she was doing was trying to impress everyone with her analisys of the game and wouldn't shut up
  14. Matt Hancock now favourite to take over at Spurs. His speciality is eradicating disease
  15. Scotland played well in their previous match and I wasn't surprised to see them play so well last night. This is the best I've seen Scotland play in years. They had a plan and we didn't
  16. They hate Rafa because of the success he had at Liverpool and that made Everton look even worse. Trouble is they think that Liverpool and Everton are two different cities. I am sure that Rafa would have done a lot of good for the area and a lot of the evertonians would have benefited from that. Of course they could never admit it. They obviously want someone who is oozing class and charisma like David Moyes🤭
  17. I've spent nearly two years honestly believing that the takeover would go through and Rafa would come back to finish the job he started and craved
  18. John Hartson is a really exciting commentator
  19. jackyboy

    Ivan Toney

    Rafa did make some poor signings but I think they were 4th or 5th choice because of the money
  20. Considering they've got the burden of Carver, Sturgeon, Gordon Brown etc,etc Scotland did quite well and may not be a pushover for England
  21. I reckon Southgate is just about on a par with Bruce
  22. Well, I'm 77 and I wonder if they'll give me a 1 year contract. I could probably do as many minutes in a season as Andy does and keep Joelinton company as well
  23. I've still got my Shearer shirt in the wardrobe. One of the original blue star ones from when he signed for us. Keep meaning to stick it on Fleabag before I croak
  24. The truth is that I don't want Rafa to go anywhere but back here. I just feel that's where he belongs and I can't stop feeling like that
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