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  1. Guess you see what you want to see. Just don’t want to have any association with such rich fuckers, who are just too rich to be prosecuted, but just to say, Jimmy Seville was never convicted. Prosecution as I am sure you know is dependent on a number of factors, and guilt does not always get a prosecution. I am certainly no judge, but I have worked for him - something I am ashamed of to this day. Still, there are millions of other more appropriate tunes out there, with no dubious backstory to get behind.
  2. Jesus Christ, do we want to be associated with paedophiles now. Occasionally, just occasionally we need to think. They would love that just a few kilometers down the road though.
  3. My real worry is that the other teams around us are picking up points with the occasional win. Really cannot see where the next win will come from, against any team. The defense, is weak, but slowly improving, but goals against per game are worrying, and generally do not lie. We have one decent half fit striker. We are going to have an awful lot of Brewcie luck to gain points. There is not a team there at present. However, I am hopeful that our new landlords are improving things, and want to succeed, and are trying to find the root problems, rather than some more chip paper with cheap emuls
  4. I hope that all goes well for him. It has clearly been a tough six months being second fiddle to the now departed muppet. Hopefully we can see that start of a team working together rather than the complete mess we had previously. He saved Bruce last year, and no one in the press gave him credit for this. Even fans here have been on his back likening him to Bruce and the regime, it is so difficult to work under a manager who is adept and clueless. Haven’t we all experienced this sometime in our careers? Give him some support.
  5. 89.9% were unhappy, this does not mean the rest were satisfied. Some would be ambivalent towards him of course, so the numbers content with him would be much leads than 10%. You would have thought after a couple of years in a post fans would have warmed a little to him.
  6. I for one, am genuinely looking forward to the start of this. Five weeks to go, and a few more before any sort of information comes out. Whatever happens, it is a new step in the EPL. One way or another, it will have repercussions. This is perhaps the most interesting part. If Ashley succeeds, what will this mean for the takeover? Would it lead to him discounting the sale of the club? Could other potential bidders then be interested? Would Ashley become just more entrenched if it failed? or would he just walk away? How are his other interests? As we are SDs cash cow, will Ashley’s move to
  7. Luckily, I have never heard of this Grimes character, but what on earth is he on about with that Marxist comment. He obviously has never read any Marx, either in the original language nor an English translation. There are many BLM supporters who vote a long way to the right of centre. Equally I am sure that the are many who are centerist and others who are on the more left spectrum. The two issues are not the same nor equitable. He really could have done with some critical thinking classes back in primary school.
  8. Not the words that I would use in this, but the sentiment entirely sums up the issue. Everyone is different, yet we are all the same, some blokes just have smaller hands and d***s than others, whilst some are more of a d*** than others. Creed and colour and race are irrelevant to this. Equally, and more importantly there are great folk out there, everywhere. Classism is another issue, so many look down on others from a different class or so called perceived class, yet more folk in the UK are in the top 5% of wealthiest in the world. The issue is whether we as individuals respect others. This i
  9. I am with you on this mattoon except that I think it is off until it is on. This just helps my own sanity, as years of hope have persistently been dashed. Now thinking the worst, means I am occasionally content - though the Ashley years have been very thin on this front. No hope for the forth coming seasons, until a glimmer of light appears. Until then, I am content with Chonburi FC, and their woeful exploits.
  10. I have seen him play a couple of times in Thailand, and he really was woeful. Wouldn’t even have had him in the reserves. I think only one club ever paid a fee for him in his entire career. There is a reason for this. He must be amongst the worst signings we have made.
  11. The takeover as we were thinking is now gone I fear, but there will be one in the future sometime, and from somewhere else. Until that time, there really is no hope for our club to show any ambition. With these fools in charge, we will again be at the basement end of the division. What is required is now something cathartic to cut out the cancers and rotten flesh. At present, only relegation will precipitate this. I, like most want a club to be proud of, and believe in, the current shell is not that, and can never be unfortunately. The only solution is for change, as a fan base there
  12. Why is it a white shirt with three black stripes? I am sure there are better designs out there.
  13. Fabulous shirt, and colca valley near cabaconde? It is a fair trek down there. Stayed there for a week, as I was buying my wife one of those bowler hats that are darned with designs. It took a long time to make, plus it tells my wife’s life story. Amazing magical location.
  14. Aha my favourite Peruvian team. Lovely cream colour if that is possible. My favourite is Deportivo Huancayo (spelt wanka). Always regret not getting the sponsor Siemens ironed on. Current favourite is orange and black second strip of Chonburi FC in Thailand.
  15. Disgusting, the country has gone to the dogs
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