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  1. Got to be an improvement on Clark and Lascelles
  2. Lots of potential but his shots never look cleanly hit, alot of bobblers which worries me.
  3. Sorry, couldn't get this one over the line lads. The fax machine broke.
  4. Does anyone know if any pubs in town show away games?
  5. Strange, they are shafting themselves there unless everyone is working from home anyway. If people are still in the office then it would be an easy way to get two weeks off if you fancied it.
  6. They are taking the "one up the bum, no harm done" approach I imagine.
  7. United? Yes! Thank you, been racking my brain for ages.
  8. Can anyone remember the name of the football based chocolate biscuit circa '88-'94, was called goal or score or football or something. Had the form factor of a gold bar, albeit with milk chocolate. Shiny blue wrapper iirc. Anyone? It was delicious.
  9. There was an decent arcade upstairs which was before security. A great afternoon out circa '94 was riding your bike down the really steep grass bank near the entrance, WHsmiths followed by a few goes on the Chase HQ and Golden Axe machines. There was also a rooftop viewing area where you could watch the planes takeoff. Also I distinctly remember a long glass fronted walkway where you could watch all of the arriving passengers. Hours of fun I tell you.
  10. Yes. Keeps going pixelated and streaky.
  11. localshop

    Hip hop fans

    Awful news. Victory Lap was a classic and by all account he did a lot of good things for his local community.
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