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  1. We had one solitary shot on target in 90 minutes, and that was the penalty. They had 69% of the possession and 6 shots on target. I don't expect us to outplay them with 10 men, but explain to me how we were closer to a second than them to a first? Which chances do you think we created that were especially noteworthy? We offered nothing after we scored. I said as much with over 25 minutes remaining; that it was unsustainable to play like that. Given what then happened, I stand 100% by what I said before and after. It's like cricket: Even if you're playing for a draw beca
  2. After we scored we went to a back 9.
  3. Our inability to get out our own half led to them being able to camp in our half and create that chance. You have to threaten the opposition on some level, or they just throw everyone at you. It's imperative to push some of their players into their own half by at least looking like you want to attack occasionally.
  4. Fucking painfully obvious what would happen shutting up shop after we scored. You MUST carry a threat or you just get bombarded, then the inevitable happens.
  5. We've got to continue to offer a threat here. We're not capable of just defending for 25+ minutes.
  6. Bit odd that we seem to be keeping 8 behind the ball, doubt we'd even play that many back there with 11 on the pitch.
  7. We've been in danger for a long while but this is the first point where I've thought "yeah, we're definitely down"
  8. Everyone could see before the game that playing him was a massive mistake. Needs launching into the sea from a fucking trebuchet after that though.
  9. Haha fair, I completely forgot that. Makes it even more important that Howe dropped him - well done Eddie!
  10. Chris_R

    Joe Willock

    Yeah he did well for us last year but he was basically playing as a 10 then. He's not a central midfielder.
  11. I've done it twice this year alone due to Covid, getting stuck in Heathrow quarantine jail. It wasn't that bad. 10 days of wanking, drinking and playing video games. Maybe Howe has a slightly higher work ethic though.
  12. Whilst his lifestyle may or may not have contributed to his injuries (Do I correctly remember him being out injured after falling off a bar stool? :lol:), his lifestyle will DEFINITELY have affected his recovery from injuries. Hard to get fit and heal properly when your blood is 13.5% ABV.
  13. Wilson aside, we had a whole fucking team that didn't score goals under Bruce. Clean slate for all.
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