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  1. FWIW I think this guy looks immense and I'd pay up for him. Diego Carlos I was always unsure of, he looks like he's got red cards and penalties in him plus he is nearly 29. I back the club's judgement, but with reservations as far as he was concerned and once the price started getting silly I think we were absolutely right to walk. This one is different though. Young and looks fantastic. Plus we're absolutely desperate for someone in midfield who is competent and can help us control games.
  2. There's absolutely no benefit whatsoever to us leaking this. None. Player? Agent? Sure. Selling club? Yep. Us? No. Doesn't help us in any way.
  3. Well not really, the 2 situations are not remotely comparable. In Martial, they'll still have a saleable player in the summer who - if he does well in Spain - could increase in value In Lingard, if they loan him to us now rather than selling him to someone now then they lose any possibility of ever getting a transfer fee from him I'm not saying Man U are being fair to us, but A) why should they? and B) if they're not, I don't think them not wanting a fee for Martial is any kind of proof of that
  4. In which case it would cost us nothing to offer £10m more than he's worth so that Arsenal have to match that. It seems to be what other clubs do to us.
  5. We're not getting Süle ffs.
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    On this day...

    I know you're not drawing an equivalence here, but there's a SLIGHT difference between player on player violence, which is sadly relatively common, and player on paying customer violence.
  7. Forgive my ignorance, why would their fans specifically give a shit about this?
  8. Exactly. Perish the thought that our players start underperforming....
  9. This. If you're selling after 6 months, there has to be a really compelling reason. A few £m profit didn't seem to be it.
  10. Chris_R


    I know they love their mental gymnastics but it's incredibly hard to justify saying that a footballer who over the last 7 seasons has played 240 matches, mostly for Man Utd, and scored 44 goals from midfield won't improve us and be a good signing.
  11. I think Newcastle when we're doing well is a great place to play football. If he comes and we stop up, and by definition he therefore does well, he'll most likely want to stay. We've got a great stadium, good fans, and ambitious owners. Maybe I'm biased, but it doesn't feel like that much of a risk to me?
  12. That's 10 players at these prices - It's not even a full squad. We need to spend wisely, and if we can save a few million here and there we absolutely should. Obviously avoiding relegation is paramount though.
  13. Well yes. This is entirely my point. The consortium doubtless DO know the issues with FFP and what, if anything, they can do to maximise (You'll never "get round" it) our spending power. But I'm not (at least to my knowledge!) talking to the consortium here. I'm talking to (or about) the small group of people on here who are saying "Just spend whatever it takes" and complaining - however loosely - that the consortium are NOT just spending whatever it takes and seem to be haggling more than these posters think they should over transfer fees. But presumably the consortiu
  14. Well yes and no. I cannot "account" for it, because I don't know how much it is. I'm not attempting to balance the books here and give numbers. But whatever the number from sponsorship, unless it's something crazy which the league have already said they'll block, then what we spend now will have an impact on what we can spend long term. Too many on here are being too dismissive of the realities - We absolutely cannot "Man City" our way to the title in a few years. Those days are gone. We may have an almost unlimited amount of money but we do not have the ability to spen
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