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  1. The history of SJP, the memories and all of that were of such importance to us because we had no realistic chance of enjoying anything else. This is different. Build me the biggest stadium in the world. I want wine rooms, cheese rooms, falafel rooms and all of that shit. As much income as possible so that we can spend as much as possible. No fans locked outside
  2. I don't post on here often (despite reading every day) but tonight is the night! I've just been out at a corporate function where I've been reliably informed that Ashley bought the club as a bet - and the bet was that he could turn a profit out of football. Nothing that hasn't been mentioned on here before but thought I would add my tuppence to the debate - the source is 100% concrete,somebody who has personally made several business deals with Ashley over the last few years and I trust them beyond doubt (read my limited previous posts - I'm not a sensationalist person) Anyway, feel free
  3. Matty_Lash


    Any thoughts on the garmin forerunner 910? I've been wanting to get a HRM/GPS for both running and cycling and from what I've read this seems to be the best. I'm conscious that I could just be wasting money and that a far cheaper tool could do just as good a job. I run 4 times a week and cycle to and from work every day (18 miles each way). Tryin to monitor my progress to enter an element of competition/improvement into it. Thanks for help in advance
  4. Right Guys, In desperate need of help. I'm changing jobs next week and so have to hand my laptop back in. Need to get a new one but after reading the internet for the last 3 hours I am still none the wiser. Basically want it to play FM2012, stream skyplayer/4OD, general internet use, Itunes, set up some sort out of illegal music downloading programme. Not sure how much I should be looking to spend but open to any recommendations. Please please help!!
  5. Yes Ashley is a prick but this site is getting ridiculous at the moment. I think that people should stop posting their ridiculous take on the finances of the club (when they clearly don't know what they are talking about) and using it as yet another reason to slag off Ashley. We all get it and we all agree that he is a Twat but some of the posts re: 'Ashley making massive profits out of selling the club after buying it for free' are just doing my head in. But hey why not sensationalise the fuck out of the situation..
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    Went there, wasn't massively impressed heard there's a place in the O2 (not central, I know) where you pay £25 a head and they offer you plate after plate of different types of exotic meat (ostrich, shark, giraffe, etc.). Seems worth a visit. Interesting, I've been loads of times and always liked it. Not that I have very gourmet tastes! It's closer to £10 a head than £25 like, in its defence. I've been to the O2 a few times but never seen this place, what is it called? I would recomend trying a Malaysian restaurant called Melati for good food at a good price. Bit confusing as th
  7. My constituency of Battersea is up next, didn't think I had time to vote until my flatmate came back spouting his 'big dave' chat. Told him he was a twat and went down and slug a X in for labour
  8. Ai a saw that! There was this black lad going guckn mental at him, smahing anything that moved! Stewards found the Geordie guy on the floor but didn't touch any if the qpr lads, was good viewing!!
  9. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/north_east/8636891.stm
  10. I never understand why people go to see sequels where they haven't seen the original film. Anyway, I loved 'Iron Man'. Robert Downey Jnr's performance as Tony Stark made that film. If you found RDJ annoying I doubt you'd like 'Iron Man'. Personally I'm looking forward to watching 'Iron Man 2'. I went as it was a Corporate junket that I couldn't get out of. I can see how RDJ was funny but to be honest by the end of the film he had become so repetitive that I wanted him to get his face smashed in! Hope you enjoy!
  11. Went to see Iron Man 2 last night, I hadn't seen the first one. Mick Rourke is hilarious but Downey Jr. was really annoying me after about an hour. Scarlett Johansson was lovely and the lad out of Oceans Eleven was funny as! Not so sure how it lived up to the first one but from what I saw of no.2 I have no idea how it made so much cash.
  12. How do you quantify that? Given that most on here claim that we are a "big club" based on historical success rather than current achievements I find this quite funny! As an interesting aside I was at the Burnley V Bolton game on boxing day and the Bolton fans were chanting for Coyle throughout the game .... brought back memories of the SJP crowd trying to woo Kluivert Bolton could with the right manager stay in the division for years (as they have done) Burnley will go down and never come back within the next two, or they might get a fluky run and keep up for two and go down in the thi
  13. How do you quantify that? Given that most on here claim that we are a "big club" based on historical success rather than current achievements I find this quite funny! As an interesting aside I was at the Burnley V Bolton game on boxing day and the Bolton fans were chanting for Coyle throughout the game .... brought back memories of the SJP crowd trying to woo Kluivert
  14. Seriously? After considering how well the sale of the club went last time with 7 bidders fighting it out? After considering the methods Ashley uses in his other business (70% off sales which never end, shops which are closing down but never close)? The new season's less than a month away and we've done NOTHING yet to prepare for it when this off season requires double the work it normally would. How can anyone not be anxious? I can only think your lack of anxiety is down to the fact you wouldn't mind him staying on and are happy with Kinnear as manager. I find it hard to believe Ashley won'
  15. This shower managed to pull their fingers out at old trafford and stamford bridge. Here's hoping...
  16. Just seen this thread for first time in months. Yea stick to the weights, steady state cardio is a piss poor form of exercise. Hit the weights (I mean heavy heavy weights) and youll grow some muscle and shed fat for up to 24 hours after a session. I used to struggle a lot with the deadlift also. Drop the weight down ridiculously low until you get your form right. Key is to keep your abs as tight as possible and look up. Remember (no matter what the dickhead personal trainers in the gym say) that it is predominantly an exercise for the legs, the burn in the back and traps is just as they
  17. post up your routine, what your goals are and when youve sorted that we can talk about your diet
  18. sorry like but the best thing to do are full body workouts every other day. All this chat about split routines is bollocks. If you are a beginner get yourself on the chad Waterbury programme, I did that about 3years ago packing on a fair bit of lean muscle and shedding a shitload of fat.
  19. was there tonight and youre right the crowd was fucking shit! full of cunts who sat down the whole time until wonderwall came on, was like bein back at SJP
  20. you know what i was having this argument with some cockneys last night. they were calling me all sorts for daring to suggest it was "charva". when i told them it had been around years before they had ever heard of "chav" they started muttering "fackin norvern mankeys" COCKNEY MAFIA OUT
  21. where ? in my managers office, she was writing a really long email... That always calls for a banana break! I think she was angry, she broke my banana That sounds painful. But enjoyable and mildly arousing
  22. Pattaya? dont bother changing your cash till you get over there, i know i got a miles better rate in bangkok than in uk
  23. FC BATE Borisov through to the champions league knocking out levski sofia. They currently compete in the Belarusian Premier League and are the reigning champions. Their home stadium is the Borisov City Stadium (capacity 5500!!)
  24. Erm it says newcastle asked to keep it quiet ........ not milner
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