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  1. http://www.sowal.com/bb/images/smilies/michael-jackson-eating-popcorn.gif
  2. Have that one with Northern Rock and Cabaye on the back.
  3. Might as well get Yao in for the corners
  4. Rice is even more tasteless than pasta. Pasta demands the least effort --> win. White wine is Red wine is Both s*** if getting mortal for various reasons.
  5. Krul Debuchy - MYM - Colo - Santon NEW* - Sissoko Cabaye Ben Arfa Gouffran NEW** *Anita not a tackler **Cissé needs a million chances to score
  6. Not sure I understand this "He will be sacked by Christmas if we continue in the same style" stuff. If they wanted to sack him they'd have done it right after the Arsenal game. He's here for as long as Ashley's here. Maybe if we're bottom by Christmas I'd agree, but that won't happen. If you're looking for examples of games in the horrible season we've just witnessed where you'd say "surely this is the last straw" there is many. He hasn't been affected by any of them. To top it off, we got slaughtered 10-0 in our last three home games, which would "certainly HAVE to make him go away". Well, it
  7. 7 more years of thanking God we're not in Europe. Stability by surviving
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