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  1. Ahhhhhh. My heart goes out to you and your sister. Love your family, remember the good times and you can get through this. It takes time to heal.
  2. As will ownership. I think, though, that they have stuck to their principles in the past and this is just another example of it. If we gain CL it will have been a big gamble that was won. If we gain Europa it's a pass. I really don't see us falling out of the European spots so I think it shows confidence in Eddie and the squad to keep things rolling and hope for no major injuries in the center. I also think that had a qualified CM loan presented itself they would have snapped at it.
  3. I went with 7. Got some guys off the books. Brought in some for the future. I like the Gordon signing. Would have liked some cover at CM
  4. Chronicles of the Black Company.
  5. Elliot Anderson will qualify. They will have to run with just 23 players if no one else can qualify. Dummett will be back next year. That's all I got.
  6. I was an ardent hater of his but, imo, he redeemed himself somewhat with his fitness and play last year. Had he been healthy from the start i think the club would have been happy to extend him. But, since he wasn't I'm sure the club told him that he's no longer in our plans for next year so he'd likely sit and not trigger the extension. Wood and Shelvey are both part of a limited rebalancing which I'm fine with. Just surprised that it came in January and with Shelvey, this late in the window. Hopefully someone is queued up to replace.
  7. I like him and have followed him quite a bit since last season. I think he'd be a good addition to the squad. We could buy and hold and when we outgrew him he could be sold for a decent price.
  8. He'll be a solid squad player for us going forward. He brings energy and effort and pops up in good places at good times. Every successful club needs a player like that in the MF
  9. He's playing like an out and out poacher right now, which is ok, but not what we need. He would not have been in position, nor been able to set up Joelinton's goal as Isak did.
  10. Well, I've finally gotten into Skyrim. Not having played many games since my peak in the late 90s and early Aughts it doesn't take much to impress me. Started an Orc 1 handed tank and realized I liked sneaking around quite a bit I rerolled a Dark Elf spellsword. Love the open world and love getting my geek on with smithing, alchemy and soon to be enchanting. Just killed a dragon? Oh look, lavender and snowberry to be picked! Only level 10 and just made my way to the college. Will make my way back to the Companions and join them to help level my one hand. It's been a long time that I've felt this way playing a game. I like the solo play for now. Back in the day i tired of scheduled raids or pvp. I get to do what I want when I want.
  11. I went from electric to propane gas stove. I'd prefer electric as there have been a couple of times we nudged a knob and smelt gas. Some large US cities (NYC included) will be banning gas services to new construction projects in the very near future. It makes sense that banning the production of gas appliances is on the docket. Endlessly funny that RW extremists are going apeshit over it though. Morons.
  12. I was leery when the lineups came out. I understand why but I think it was too hopeful. Ritchie being the biggest surprise. He's done. I really thought Anderson would be develop outside and thought he should have been slotted in Ritchie's spot. He looks crowded out as a CM and think he'll be better suited as a wide forward. I have no problem with Manquillo and was glad to see Lewis get a run out. However I would have to have seen him in a stronger side. Was surprised to see Dubs as He hadn't played or trained with the team much. And I did not expect much from Wood, sadly. The biggest disappointment was Murphy. He wilted under any pressure there may have been. In a game where we had to score first to lock it in we had quite a few missed opportunities up front. All in all the kind of performance you'd expect from such a patch work team. Anderson needs to go on loan. Lewis and Murphy should be flogged. Ritchie should be drawn and quartered. Good set pieces and a big mouth don't cut it any more. The rest of the back up players showed they were just back ups aqnd the first team players did little to distinguish themselves. Gotta win
  13. Great conversation and thanks for sharing! Interpolic, congrats on nearly 7 years sober. It is a great accomplishment. I was told a long time ago that when I was active I lost all my marbles. The first 5 years of recovery I find my marbles and i spend the rest of my sober life figuring out how to use them. It gets easier, it really does. Make no mistake it can seem difficult to constantly take my inventory. When I got frustrated or pissed off I had to always back away from the situation and ask myself questions like, "What did that person say that angered me of offended me and why?", or "Why does this situation intimidate me?" I have found that it is all fear based, usually that people will think less of me. The more often you do it (honestly) the more it will get grooved and you'll subconsciously pick up those triggers and more smoothly deal with them. I've been sober a long time and it has gotten a lot better. I'm not perfect and do fuck up but that personal inventory makes it easier to acknowledge and forgive myself and, get this, forgive others too. Anxiety was never my issue. It took me years to look at and find that I was seriously depressive. As I look back I never liked downers, I had to take uppers, do speed, coke, anything that got my blood and adrenaline rushing. Of course I abused alcohol not knowing that ultimately it was a downer. Even though at times my life was a genuine horror but I wouldn't change a thing. My years in AA, my ultimate diagnosis of being depressed and the resultant therapy were godsends and enriched my life immensely. I don't have a great life materially but I'm just so happy I can live in my own skin. Even so, I still have my moments where I get sick of living and just want to go to sleep and not wake up. Those moments pass, though and have gotten fewer and farther in between. Keep up the good work guys! It's satisfying to see people getting better in this crazy world we live in.
  14. Consortium of one

    Star Wars

    Can't wait for season two of this. really well done. Mandalorian has been top notch too.
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