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  1. I would be disappointed if we wind up with Tarkowski as our top CB purchase I'd take Alli over Lingard We need someone to boss the midfield
  2. I hope you brought along a good ITK?
  3. I can only assume that Russia needs the Ukraine to help prop up its economy again. Putin is barking mad to think that NATO would usurp Ukraine sovereignty and deny it membership. This has to go back to Trump. Germany's actions have been curious. Everyone is flying around German airspace to deliver aid. Putin may start facing internal scrutiny too.
  4. Definitely agree on this. The lack of MF movement is puzzling.
  5. That little side pass to Willock was sublime. Willock didn't finish but still...
  6. This was not an easy game to manage with guys getting hurt and cramping up. He kept the team focused and reminded them constantly to defend further up the pitch. Nice, nice win.
  7. Still a player there, apparently Good shift. He can press. Has to learn to keep his head up when on the ball.
  8. Much better 2nd half. He can't wait for the game to come to him, he has to go grab it.
  9. I haven't been impressed. Will rejudge in 2-1/2 weeks.
  10. Fraser and Miggy are two sides of the same coin.
  11. Massive win. It was fun to watch them actively kill off the game actively rather than try to do it passively. Willock grew into the game. Longstaff was active and pressed well in key spots. Dubs had some nice saves and the entire defense worked together. Was s creaming at the TV when Shelvey started the free kick but the screaming tone changed pretty quickly The type of win that will lift the club.
  12. 4-4-1-1 play narrow and compact. Force everything out wide. Press in the MF and counter. Dubs Trips Fede Schar Dummett Fraser Willock Joe Murphy ASM Wood
  13. I hope we get 3-4 players in that no one has talked about
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