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  1. Good post. I like the odds of PIF buying us 18 mos. to 2 years from now more than I do before year's end. What good does that do us? More time for apathy. More time for the club to rot from the inside out. More time for the big six and PL to manipulate football for their own desires. If the sale goes through in two years are we to miraculously rally around the club? How many of us will have moved on?
  2. Does anyone know if and why Ashley took out a 160M loan? I thought someone posted something from CH but I haven't heard any more about.
  3. not necessarily more articulate; just a good bullshitter
  4. Charnley doesn't return phone calls
  5. I'm a 9. I just don't want to be relegated. I'm just waiting for someone with a bit of ambition to buy us.
  6. Amanda (to MBS): OK Mo, lets say Mike wants to have a go at this. He has a legal team that will take the question to arbitration and then he's going to launch a CAT at the same time. If he wins one or both will you be willing to come back to the table? MBS: Yeah, I guess so. Amanda (to MA): Mike, Mo is a go! A 100% go! Mike Ashley: OK Mandy, commence OPERATION DARK FORCES!
  7. Well if you look real hard at the left side of the picture you can see a reflection of a giant iceberg on the "life buoy" sign. I think it means the club is like the Titanic and will be going down soon. If we see a band playing or deck chairs, we can be sure.
  8. Anyone paired with Shelvey is a shit midfield.
  9. He doesn't have to play for Cabbagehead so I'm happy for him.
  10. Wasn't the O&D test set up to protect clubs (and communities) from shysters? If so, it's just that the O&D was used to block someone who could have good good for a club. Assholes can always find a way to use a good thing for a selfish purpose.
  11. I'm pretty sure it is done too. Maybe with all the calls for transparency the PL looked at Fat Mike and said, "if we're to be transparent so will you". Everybody kind of forgets what a total dick that Mike Ashley is when the focus is on the PL. Both the EPL AND Mike Ashley have treated the fans with disdain. Stavely is coming across as incredibly naive and the media hacks and twitter kings are like a bunch of cats in heat. f em all
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