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  1. I picked up on this too. Said it like he was powerless to change it. Not once have I ever seen him implore the players to push up. He's like a spectator.
  2. He does this thing where he hunches his shoulders too. Like he's trying to emulate what he thinks a good defender looks like. He's yards off and he shuffles his feet and then the guy is past him.
  3. I'm putting us down as a 7. Yes a really good run of form can see us achieve safety. Who in the back can step up?
  4. "Amanda, fuck the measured, patient approach" "Yessir, Yasir, on it!"
  5. we were talking about him for England. Such was the magic of Rafa.
  6. I start work at 7am (EST) which is noon (BST). The first headline I read is that this bacon grease sweating tosser is GONE. Then, each of those players is put on notice. Whoever the new coach is shouldn't spend as much time on tactics as on building up the fitness levels. The squad has been allowed to get soft. Too many days off, not enough work.
  7. Bad bye Bruce. Bad bye Shelvey. Bad bye lack of pride. Bad bye lack of effort. Bad bye to all deadwood on this team.
  8. Joelinton: wrap my wrist so I can catch my breath
  9. I'm yelling and crying. My wife thinks I'm having a meltdown!
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