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  1. For an in season refurb I think its fine.
  2. I think Rafa fell in love with the idea of building a club when he was with us. Hence, he went to China with the same thought. That failed but not because of him. The bottom has fallen out of the China football experiment. If the stars would have aligned, the new owners with Rafa would have been ideal. With a window to bring in some new players and time to drill them we would have been OK, IMO. I still would have wanted a DoF though. At this point, I think the Rafa ship has sailed though. I don't want to see Howe undermined by the shadow of Benitez. At this point
  3. I've joined the Trust and left. I've donated to the fund but stopped. Im not local so I don't have any skin in this game. Am I to believe that the Trust does not regularly post minutes? If so, that is the first sign of a problem. I would also point out that even if the Trust send minutes out to active members, it should post them publicly, as a form of attraction. I have some experience with similar type organizations. A Trust implies transparency on all levels.
  4. I think his legs are gone but like you said he reads the game really well, easily our best at it. I think at best, with all factors combined, he's a good squad player for a mid table team. Still, he and Schar are our best combination and both work well with Dubs.
  5. Darlow and Clarky lost us 4 points and should never play again for us. Big Joe has taken a big step up and Lewis looked good in Radgies absence. Fede was big yesterday so I would think he has a team forming in his head. If he goes back to Darlow and Clark he'll deserve all the abuse thrown at him. I'd go 442 til new recruits come in. Dubs Manq Fede Schar Lewis ASM Shelvey Willock Miggy Joe Wilson Still a gaping hole in the midfield.
  6. I remember him saying he was always encouraged to bomb forward when he was at Norwich. Bruce coached that out of him apparently.
  7. If Clark is in because he's leftfooted then the first thing we need is a new left footed CB!
  8. i'm kinda like a cat. Sleeping is my thing...of course depression is too, lol.
  9. I gotta see if I follow the game at work or go with an NO blackout and wait til I get home for the replay on Peacock to see who wins. A draw would be devastating. A loss would be a kill shot.
  10. I don't think you could give the hand ball. The other two... Also felt like we never got the benefit of the doubt all game.
  11. ahhh, that did make me laugh
  12. In AA we have a saying, "If you have a problem and share it then everyone there will take a piece of that problem when they leave so you have less to carry yourself" Cheers, HTT. I have your back.
  13. We're all in this together and it's a mad, mad, mad world. South-Cheshire-Toon, we all misspeak or get it wrong from time to time. No worries on my end. We need to throw down the stereotypes, cast away the negative influences of our dads and move forward, HTT. Our fathers were taught by their fathers and so on and so on. We no longer have to break our backs, breathe crap into our lungs and take pride in being a "proper man". Fuck that. Today, I'm my own man and am unwilling to pay for the sins of my fathers. My father wasn't equipped to raise a son. It wasn't his fault, hi
  14. Telling someone with a debilitating issue to man up is like like telling someone to pull themselves up by their own boot straps. If someone is alcoholic, willpower is of no use at all. In fact, it may work against us. It wasn't until I learned to surrender to my disease that I was able to start comprehending the underlying reasons that led me to drink. Life isn't easy and at times it downright sucks but I don't have to go it alone. I can open up and share my life with others rather than running into the same old brink wall.
  15. I've been clean and sober for almost 30 years. I was living on crack and vodka when I made the choice. tis, as interpolic said, I'd recommend AA. No one understands an alcoholic like another alcoholic. Even very smart people with lots of degrees don't understand our disease unless they have it. This thread was the right place to post as their are quite a few of us in recovery and I'm glad you posted. Many of us self medicated underlying mental health issues but that doesn't mean to be alcoholic is to have those types of issues. So again, I'd recommend AA. Perh
  16. Bruce and the Steve's would get them ticking along. I would love to see all the pundits be at a loss for words as that ship slowly sank. Ah, I could dream.
  17. Sunderland fan hopping on the bandwagon
  18. I think he works better in a midfield three, playing more advanced and allowed to roam. Then he can press a little higher or cut out passing lanes. He's not a true midfield defender.
  19. was shocked to see his bald pate covered in sweat all game. Fair play to him.
  20. He's definitely declined physically. He was never a beast or a great game reader but we were talking about him as our Captain or maybe getting an England call up.
  21. I think all three should be brought back and publicly drawn and quartered. The pieces should be shot, trampled by elephants and deposited into a cesspool, there to remain for all eternity.
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