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  1. The Merse

    Ryan Fraser

    Always looks like he has a pebble in his boot - constantly in pain - put a shift in yesterday but the lack of being able to substitute him late on exposed his lack of fitness
  2. A fairer referee and he would have affected the game even more with free kicks and a penalty but without hyperbole that was one of the worst refereeing performances I have seen in a while
  3. The Merse

    Chris Wood

    Thought he was ok - won loads of flick ons that ASM was getting onto - as a back up striker he is enough but obviously Wilson is the main man
  4. The Merse

    Joe Willock

    Glides through the midfield - was great second half
  5. Tactically good today - sorted Harrison out after 20mins and he was fairly ineffective after that
  6. Watched Tom Lawrence quite a bit this season and he is a quality player - very clever movement , keeps the ball well and can pick a good pass - just the usual champo to prem gamble
  7. Should sign this Sargent kid - looks decent
  8. He has a device fitted which regulates his heart beat - apparently Italy have rules that you can't play professionally with it but he has been training with his first club I think - would have balls of steel to play again but can't imagine the insurance premiums on the contract
  9. Yep - you can't go into must win matches get a draw and then hype the next game up as must win - eventually you run out if time and yesterday was pivotal because even Norwich are better than us and if Burnley scrap a few results from games in hand we are rock bottom
  10. I think the question is who would give us more of a chance of getting out of the championship - I am losing confidence that Howe could
  11. Not sure long covid knackers your ability to kick a ball straight
  12. Yeah - excellent everytime I have watched him
  13. Really like that Brighton left back - loads of energy and very tidy on the ball
  14. The Merse

    Chris Wood

    The owners are skint and bought them with leveraged money against the club
  15. The Merse

    Chris Wood

    Always thought he was a threat - if he gets service he will score and the options are either out of reach or a massive gamble i.e.no prem experience - quite happy with this
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