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  1. Pixelphish

    Steve Bruce

    This cunt been sent down the Tyne yet?
  2. It does lend weight to the conspiracy theory that Hoffman was brought in to stop the takeover
  3. Pixelphish

    Steve Bruce

    He couldn't give less of a fuck. Payoff is likely secured and is already thinking of his large kebab on the way back to the North West.
  4. Pixelphish

    Steve Bruce

    Maybe its Alex in the MS paint job.
  5. Biding his time for when they consistently miss CL football and all future revenue projections are in the bin. Guess who wins again.
  6. Pixelphish


    Their obessesion with class is part of the fabric of life. We'd miss it if it was gone.
  7. English and plays for their beloved Man U.
  8. Not sure if he's bitter, or just thick as pig shit. Rolled out for a few quid, 'here's what you've gotta say Johnny'.
  9. Pixelphish

    Steve Bruce

    Honestly thought this was a fresh Mackem troll but 2005 might suggest otherwise
  10. Pixelphish

    Steve Bruce

    A win AND a victory. Is that 6 points?
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