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    @HTT II https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/2002-mercedes-benz-w210-e55-amg
  2. It does like shite Like to think its a very short term measure given how fast this all seemed to happen.
  3. His gormless fucking face waiting for the card he knows is coming. Im still absolutely stunned.
  4. Burnsie blocked me because I said he knows fuck all. Sensitive lad.
  5. Pixelphish

    Formula 1

    I'm absolutely leaning towards Max doing something stupid in the heat of the moment but I really hope it doesn't happen. I don't care who wins it to be honest, maybe a slight bias towards Loois for the 8. I just want to see incredible racing until the final lap.
  6. Pixelphish

    Formula 1

    I'm convinced one of them will have a collision or DNF.
  7. Pixelphish

    Karl Darlow

    Never again please.
  8. Is that all the rot gone now?
  9. Wraith makes my skin crawl. Imagine still maintaining you met this 'woman'. Utter creep.
  10. Abarth 500 is a proper laugh. Dont let the old ladies put you off, Doon.
  11. I'm surprised Wraith didn't question her lack of feminine features when he met her.
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