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  1. Based on previous seasons I think we have to work on the basis that Burnley will put a bit of a run together at some point. We could really do with another team or two getting dragged in and our upcoming games against Everton are a massive opportunity to make that happen.
  2. The idea of someone who is such a massive tory that they decided to become a conservative MP then deciding to join the Labour party is weird, mind. You'd think most of them didn't have any strong political allegiances at all and were only in it for the career.
  3. LeeB

    Jamaal Lascelles

    Our biggest problem, and that's saying something.
  4. I think today was the pivotal moment. Win and we'd have had the huge psychological bonus of being out relegation zone, had some momentum as we start the run of (supposedly) winnable games and been a more attractive prospect for potential signings. Can't see any way out of it now.
  5. LeeB

    Chris Wood

    Big upgrade on Andy Carroll to be fair.
  6. LeeB

    Chris Wood

    Happy with this. He's got plenty of experience in the league and in playing for a team towards the bottom of the league. If we get another more exciting forward signed too then great, but I think having him ready to (hopefully) hit the ground running on Saturday is the most important thing.
  7. LeeB

    Personal finance

    There'll be wild dips along the way as there always are, but I can see the market growing significantly again next year. Obviously this could be completely wrong. I got into Polygon early this year and it has done great so far. It seems like a really good project, is being used a lot and has low fees. Hopefully will do well in 2022. I'm also pretty deep into RSR, which I think is a genuinely positive thing. It's designed to be a stable currency pegged to the $ for countries without one of their own and has some pretty big backers behind it. The token that sits alongside
  8. LeeB


    I had a similar experience with my third one being Moderna. No effect at all after my first two Pfizers but this one took me down. Woke up during the night absolutely freezing, was properly shivering. Then felt completely fine the next morning but as the day went on was really achy and couldn’t get comfortable. By the evening it had eased right off. Paracetamol really helped.
  9. LeeB


    I got done in Gosforth yesterday and they still had it in place. It was more like if you aren't in a hurry to get away you can hang round for a bit afterwards. Didn't get timed for exactly 15 mins before being allowed to leave, which is what happened on my first two vaccinations.
  10. LeeB

    St. James' Park

    That would work out then. Article in the Guardian from 2007 about it: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2007/apr/03/newsstory.sport3 Then a few months later this was in the Chronicle, whose links I won't bother posting: And that was that.
  11. LeeB

    St. James' Park

    I don't know how far along it ever got as it was announced just before Ashley bought the club, but in early 2007 there were plans to expand the Gallowgate by 8000 using the land on top of the metro station. That increase in capacity doesn't sound enough to me to make the whole stadium minus the East Stand an equal height, but it does suggest that in theory it is possible.
  12. In the family enclosure for the 5-4 against Leicester in January 1990. 2-4 down with 10 minutes left. Roy Aitken's debut, I believe.
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