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  1. We barely had a shot after the first 15 minutes, but aye the attacking football was our problem. He's just another bitter cunt ex manager, along with all the others we hear on a weekly basis.
  2. Danny Murphy is a shite pundit usually, but his analysis of our defending on MOTD was spot on. We were a shambles at the back, no communication and no support from the plodders in the midfield. Funny how Rafa, managed to get (near enough) the same team to have a good defensive record, and not look stretched/wide open for 90 minutes every week. Obviously he didn't blame Bruce directly, but he has completely undone the solid foundation that we had and that is clear for all to see now.
  3. I'm struggling to think (realistically) about who is available and would want to come here, given where we are right now. It's crucial we don't waste any more time, considering we could be cut adrift before we get a chance to spend in January. Even a less than ideal manager for this season, just to scrape survival would do for now.
  4. Klaus

    Steve Bruce

    They are all in the clique. All supporting their mates, who they invite into the studio between managerial jobs.
  5. He was superb at times under Rafa, and we had a good defensive record in general. A good manager can get the best out of limited players.
  6. Klaus

    Steve Bruce

    This performance was for the best. Should leave Mandy et al, without any doubt.
  7. My god, i cant wait to see the back of all the dump players and hangers on, who should have been binned years ago. Shelvey, Ritchie, Jo etc
  8. Can the fans just give Bruce hell for the entire second half? Let the owners know, in no uncertain terms
  9. Klaus

    Steve Bruce

    Big win today, he will be here for the next game imo
  10. Klaus

    Steve Bruce

    I don't want to lose, but it probably would be for the better if we did
  11. Score draw, 2-2 me thinks. Good game from a neutral perspective. Shambolic defending throughout
  12. There is genuinely more outrage at NUFC being owned by Saudis, than the actual government having close economic and political ties with the regime. You would think NUFC actually murder journalists and bombed Yemen, the way this is being received.
  13. Absolutely. The problem is, I see Brexiteer/Gammons as 'them' as well, so I'm part of the problem Like fuck, am I trying to listen to the views of people who don't like refugees, Teachers or Doctors.
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