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  1. Klaus


    Gender reveal...
  2. Klaus

    Alexander Isak

    He would have buried that Wilson chance. Would have left the West Ham defence for dead.
  3. Agreed, but second half they had no intention of anything but defending. It's crap for us, but we will need to learn to cope with it.
  4. Klaus

    Anthony Gordon

    He looked absolutely rapid.
  5. It is worth remembering that teams now come here to defend and frustrate, hoping for a draw. We just aren't good enough, to cope with that at home....yet.
  6. Yet another frustrating home draw. Mad to think that, we could be top of the league if we had won all of these annoying home ties.
  7. Agree with the rest, but disagree with this. They were the better side for the last 20, while we looked disjointed and sloppy.
  8. Gordon would be ideal for an open game like this imo, get him on.
  9. Burn isn't exactly Roberto Carlos going forward either mind.
  10. This is actually (in theory) the fairest form of democracy. Even extending this idea to MPs being selected in the same way. But our democracy is only really an illusion to stop the proles from rebelling, so any possibility of this happening is none existent.
  11. We will always need a second chamber of some description, because the general public tend to elect a complete bunch of mongs. We can't allow the commons to have too much power.
  12. We are still in with a chance of the double
  13. Has Murphy done anything of note this season, despite all the time he has had on the pitch as an impact sub?
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