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  2. at the anti vaxxers not allowed in public places
  3. A party didn't take place, but they are going to investigate it and pass information on to the police Would be hilarious if people weren't attending funerals of their loved ones, via Zoom.
  4. If there is definitive proof that a boozy party took place, that would clearly be breaking the guidelines and therefore the PM has lied to the public and in the HoC. Could well be the end for him like.
  5. They have no shame it's almost admirable
  6. In normal times, this would be the end for a PM.
  7. Would it make any difference if he was?
  8. 'Not at all a corrupt country...'
  9. The big 6 fixed the draw. They want us to have a decent cup run, so it distracts us from staying in the top flight.
  10. Different this time, as they claim they are going after white middle class users as well aye righto Boris.
  11. I mean, if MPs and other public servants are snorting gear at work, I would be rather concerned like.
  12. Nice of the generous aristocracy in Blyth Valley and Hartlepool to vote for this.
  13. Delighted with the result obviously, but somewhat concerned about the performance. Burnley are crap tbh and we still struggled to break them down. Sadly I can see us still being on 10 points after the next 4 games, which will see us probably cut adrift again. Will need a miracle and some very astute signings in January to stay up.
  14. Klaus


    I always laugh at the paranoia about giving kids vaccines and medications, yet they are happy to feed their little dears nowt but junk and processed crap which is proven to make you fat and sick.
  15. Klaus


    1 in 60 in England has Covid now. Fuck sake, we can't just go ahead with Christmas like normal times, surely?
  16. Klaus

    U.S. Politics

    That's fucking disgusting.
  17. Klaus


    Disagree about people not caring. I'm just surprised the story didn't come out at the time of the event. Seems a little odd, because the public anger would have been much more prevalent, had it came out at the time.
  18. Klaus


    Uncle Boris had a Christmas party last year when London was in Tier 3 lockdown? How the fuck has this only just came out now?
  19. Bruce fucked us during his entire time here. He turned a solid and organised Rafa defence, into the shit show we have now.
  20. Klaus

    Sex pests

    So Qanon are sort of right about the elite Paedophile conspiracy, except Trump could also be part of it? The irony
  21. The obsession with Israel was a big problem under Corbyn imo. The Antisemitism stuff was massively exaggerated, but the obsession with Israel was a problem and didn't help the party image at all. The average voter, probably couldn't care less about what goes on in that part of the world.
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