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  1. Himmel å hav då, så længø det gjeng igjennom så æ det det viktiaste 😂
  2. BigValley

    Toon Aid

    Will take the link and put in on the Norwegian forum.
  3. BigValley

    Toon Aid

    Will buy one for me and one for my one year old son if they have in New year. I will share this link on Norwegian Newcastle forum.
  4. Spurs (h) Chelsea (b) boxing Day Leicester (b) last game
  5. Played against Norway yesterday i think.
  6. Can`t we all just go out on the pitch after 60 min and have a protest
  7. Just raise your voice on the rest of the home games screaming Ashley out. Stop buying from SD.
  8. Why can`t they see what the problem is and resolve it. This is crap anyway. You can get Keegan and Shearer, but you will still have the same problem. Fix the problem first, sack AP and Ashley have to sell.
  9. Allways liked this fellow. You don`t mess with him. If you do, he kills you with hard work.
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