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  1. Like an attacking Bramble
  2. He is perfekt. 25 mill is a piss in the ocean. Lets have him experiece, leadership and everything you want from a fullback. Then buy a UP and coming kid that can turn in to a premium fullback in some years. They keep pushing themself. This is at most areas of the squad the way we have to build. Just take a breather and think back to start of oktober. We are building something. Everybodey wants the best people to build the club from inside. This is also the way to go on the field. Good players leading the younger players. And IT will mean we could sell
  3. He can play def midf in front of Fede and Lascelles
  4. IF you Just continue Maybe you will come in a couple of years 😂
  5. A lot of dead meat can be trown away, sold and so on. Its one way things can go fastere with chanching the squad. IT is not ideal, but the club Will do a lot that year in championchip.
  6. Part time depends? If Fonseca can be long term now? But what if Hag can in the summer and have said yes? Could you take Martinez part time then. We have not a clue what the h.... is going on. The club has been stinking for 14 years almost. IT will take time, and i Will prefer Hag in summer with Martinez this year over Fonseca now. Long term thinking.
  7. Sometimes It is to mutch i think. I am a happy man anyway. Ashley gone and Bruce is gone. This for me is enough. IF Favre, Potter, Martinez or some Else, they will get my Howay. The owners have told many times this will take time. I Just se forward some years and i am happy what ever happens.
  8. All in all i am happy if It is Wilder. IF you think back 4 weeks. What about the last 14 years? We are going places. Lift your fu..... Head and mind UP.
  9. Its not the best solution, but if he dont want to leave before the summer? Only one for a Job for the rest of year is mayby Gattuso then.
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