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  1. Rumors Swindon are signing him, could be a good player at that level if he wasn't such a massive cunt
  2. Aye it's just hes a poorly educated idiot tbh I doubt he would kick off in the dressing room or anything i'm sure he gives his all in training. Just not very smart and probably surrounds himself with loads of hangers on from back here. From a rough family too so not all that surprising.
  3. Think the Championship is his level having seen alot of him, was surprised how well he did initially as he's very one dimensional, he'll run all day and do his best though, i'd imagine he'll be a solid Champ player, can't see him cutting it in the PL again not good enough technically.
  4. 1.5million fee agreed apparently.
  5. Alot of Liverpool fans seem strangely disappointed about the idea of this, I would take him but only if we don't get one of the younger more preferable targets. If you offered me Gomis, Remy and Downing a week ago i'd have bit your hand of. Would still like some young defensive cover though.
  6. http://img708.imageshack.us/img708/1903/footballforwomen.jpg
  7. He's looking slim and well, coherent and saying all the right things, good transparency from the club if what he says is genuine, then you realise it's JFK
  8. He'd probably cost about 12million, you all know what Dave Whelan is like by now, won't let him go on the cheap and he doesn't seem the type of player to force through a move when he's still so young, he's had far better offers than Wigan in the past but stayed there because he knew he'd play didn't he? Good attitude.
  9. Typical Americans playing politics
  10. Except for the one's that play in Red, White etc. Don't be so precious
  11. Was shown at our school, quite like Don Cheadle but he rarely gets good parts.
  12. The Narcissist


    He'll fire Spain to the World Cup next summer knowing our luck
  13. Ashley and Derek at the end of season meeting http://www.screeninsults.com/images/the-godfather-kiss-of-death.jpg
  14. No way Carr will resign at his age with a long term contract sewn up
  15. Things aren;t great right now and the toys are flying from all the prams but the people who say i'm done for ever or iv'e lost the love of the club will be straight back and passionate as most after a few decent wins or some progress, everyone was so down around Christmas but when the new lads came in and we beat Chelsea alot of us on here were absolutely buzzing, it's just the way things go especially at this club, not that it's acceptable but it's reality.
  16. Can't stand Bellamy, on his day he was some player but what a massive twat. Can't believe papers are still paying him for that near 10 year old Big Al story.
  17. Should have got some lessons in spin from Pards
  18. The suspense is killing me, I just want to know one way or the other so I can get it out of my head.
  19. West Ham fans seem to think it's very likely he'll be signing perm for them.
  20. But a local lad cannot slate the foreign players or question the policy without having foreign tarts jumping all over him? Of course you can and when you have a team full of foreign players things like that will always be brought up. Your just showing your own ignorance with all this foreign tarts get them out mentality. You'd probably fit in well with DiCanio
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