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  1. Me Da was a lapsed football fan who was attracted back to it by the wonders of Keegan and The Entertainers and hasn't looked back since that's how I ended up with Newcastle. I remember a few plastic Manc family members buying me United stuff but then I got this one Christmas http://www.vintagefootballshirts.com/avactis-images/new95hs_s_4.jpg I'm not from the area and I don't get to the matches so I don't claim to be a superfan or anything but believe me a win/loss on a Saturday for us is the difference between a good or bad day for me. Being part of the forum really makes you feel part
  2. I'm from Derry, been living in Belfast the last four years for Uni but now iv'e moved back home to finish my studying for a year then hopefully move into some kind of job, not looking very likely though.
  3. The Narcissist

    GTA Online

    I requested to join, name is Maverick 691
  4. http://cinekatz.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/searchersshot.jpg
  5. I stole a security truck earlier, spent about 20 minutes trying to get rid of the cops and then when I finally did while thinking of the delicious readies I plunged into a river and lost them all
  6. There are a few chase missions early on, I haven't noticed any obvious scripting though. Had one I had to re do and a cutscene that happened during one chase didn't occur the second time
  7. My opinion so far is that tt's very good but I don't think it'll live up to the insane hype or be seen as Game of the Generation of anything like that. About 10 missions in and it's really good so far, think i'd need to finish it before making a proper decision though. My favorite thing so far has been recognizing places from San Andreas. The missions seems alot more creative aswell.
  8. I think they were in San Andreas aswell? Things like shooting, stamina, lung capacity, driving etc all improve as you do certain things but some of them start off with good stats in them ex Franklin is good at driving, Micheal at shooting
  9. No idea Mike never played it, the characters all start with their own shooting stats and improve as they go on. Seems really easy to get killed in this aswell, one fuckup or not covering at the right time and you're iced.
  10. The shooting is pretty great in this, big improvement although I still think the driving is abit dodgy. I'm not sure what to be doing apart from the missions and side missions at this stage. Tried to go out to the country to explore awhile but didn't have a clue what I was doing or where I was going.
  11. http://www.gifsforum.com/images/image/is%20this%20real%20life/grand/is_this_real_life_monkey.jpg
  12. Amazon for release day, I think they have a big warehouse down South so that might explain how we've got it so early. Not bothered either way though tbh
  13. Got mine today, in Derry NI, seems living here has finally paid off.
  14. Me too, lost it when he realised the war was lost :'(
  15. Hansen is good at what he knows, he knows the defensive side of the game as well as anyone and I do enjoy listening to him pointing out mistakes in positioning and the like as he's usually bang on. The BBC do employ loads of useless shitehawks but for me Hansen isn't one of them, he'll be missed.
  16. 1 down from a scrappy corner
  17. Back with us now, what a wasteful move.
  18. Even with the potential he had he was so unbelievably raw, he could still be a decent player if he gets games for Swindon and their gaffer keeps him in line. Sholas been raw pretty much his whole career, the only way to get rid of it is with regular games.
  19. I tend to mostly lurk as i'm an out of towner and find it a good place for news, most of my points are often made more eloquently anyway.
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