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  1. So basically his style is completely unsuited to the players we have BRING HIM HOME
  2. Who was the Scottish fella who was here with McClaren and had been at Valencia? Can't remember his name to google it What's he up to now
  3. Carver wasn't real. He was just a collective, hallucinogenic nightmare that we all experienced.
  4. Pards' lack of top lip is one of the top 5 things I hated about him
  5. We got Schar, he just never plays
  6. You forgot to mention he won the World Cup with San Marino in 2007
  7. We're full on hated everywhere like Mourinho would kinda be perfect right now with his bunker mentality style. Come out swinging talking about SBR etc. and it'd be a full on Aragorn leading the troops towards the black gate
  8. Is that a different person to "TubeStationAtMidnight"? That guy would sign up with so many new accounts and immediately get sniffed out every time
  9. The way I feel about PSG is how other fans now feel about us
  10. Pards would honestly be a great heel in wrestling. So slimy and detestable
  11. Inter fought the law, and the law lost
  12. Sheriff taking no prisoners.
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