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  1. I genuinely can't help but laugh at "IOC members should be greeted with a smile." Just ridiculous entitlement
  2. Got to watch the game with my brother for the first time in three years, was weird to celebrate the goal with someone other than the dog. Deserved a win but would've taken a point before kick off. Big Joe is a revelation under Howe.
  3. TIL Francis Jeffers was a first team coach for Paul Cook at Ipswich (recently sacked) and it reminded me of how SBR was allegedly desperate to sign him.
  4. This is a deep cut. Didn't he collect captain's armbands as well?
  5. "Why are you taking all of my Indians?" is a helluva thing to come out with.
  6. He gets Canada to a world cup and he's got a job for life, basically. I think he'd be loathe to leave as he quite literally gets full control of our player and coaching development right now.
  7. Hahaha I was overly optimistic. Still just insane to actually experience this. I'm used to Canada getting bent over by Central American teams
  8. Canada playing Mexico tonight. -8 C in Edmonton (and snow) with a win guaranteeing us a place at the World Cup for the first time since '86. Going to watch the game with a bunch of ex-86 national team members and it's wild how upbeat they are after years of us being Mexico and the U.S.'s whipping boys
  9. Big Newcastle fan. Interviewed him for work during the Pardew 5th place season and asked him what sort of player he wanted for the national team. "Coloccini. I'd love a Ben Arfa but Colo would sort out my backline"
  10. There was a streaker at a Canada rugby match in Vancouver the other year. The assistant coach came tearing off the bench and absolutely levelled the guy. Was immensely satisfying.
  11. woody

    Transfer rumours

    Amazing player but Michael Owen levels of injuries, sadly. I sincerely hope we stay away from the normal "Galactico" signings like Robinho when the City group first took over. Fingers crossed we build strategically...which is a weird thing to say thinking when about this time last year would've taken nearly anyone.
  12. I'm kind of curious as to how Bruce does in job interviews. I assume it's all vague generalities, mentions of working together and the need for at least two Steves.
  13. I've loved Herdman's time with Canada but he's got an incredible gig right now. Most talented Canadian team since '86 and complete control. I don't see him leaving any time soon, especially with some of the bridges he burned to get the men's job.
  14. I see Maguire's been taking arm waving lessons from Stevie Taylor
  15. Ah, now it all makes sense.
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