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  1. Shelvey has a weird running style that Ive noticed a couple of times now. He sort of sets off at a sprint but after a couple of seconds he sort of backs off and coasts. Be great to see if he can improve further
  2. Lazarus

    Personal finance

    MANA still falling so have put it all into CRO. Hopefully I can keep my profits and maybe even gain a little for when MANA starts pumping again.
  3. That will buy 2 new CB's
  4. Isnt he 33 shortly? Hope we can get another season out of him
  5. When are the SD signs coming down? Thought it was til the end of the month
  6. Lazarus

    Jamal Lewis

    Bruce coached healthy eating out of the squad never mind the rest...
  7. British Gas have also quietly binned their offshoot digital-only brand Evolve.
  8. Zog Energy went bust this morning.
  9. Lazarus


  10. Just wondering what can go wrong for this match a) ASM's knee explodes b) Wilson falls down the training ground bore hole c) Dubs contracts a severe fungal infection at the exercise4less changing room after training
  11. Thinking out loud here.... Ive been thinking its weird that Shelvey and Joelinton, the 2 players we all thought were beyond redemption, have responded to Howe this first few weeks or so. Even Fraser has looked better. Our defense is still a bit shaky and I don't think Howe knows his best back 4 or 5 yet (but hes a step closer after tonights game) so Im wondering if Howe has prioritised attacking over defending in his training sessions so far. We seem to have improved offensively but havnt made the same leap defensively.
  12. Lazarus

    Joe Willock

    Anyone know if hes still playing with injections for his injury?
  13. Still dont think we are going down. Howe is learning exactly who he cab rely on. Rather that was now than March or April tbh.
  14. At least hes finding out early who cant be relied upon. Howe will know going into Jan who needs binned and who he can work with for the rest of the season.
  15. Careful what you download
  16. https://voxpoliticalonline.com/2021/11/30/hastings-lifeboat-crew-blocked-from-launching-channel-rescue-will-the-criminals-be-punished/ When are these morons gonna realise that its not the actual migrants who are the problem here. Its the organised crime gangs, the traffickers etc etc. The same morons talk about the the Gov stripping our rights by forcing us to wear masks or have a vaxx but they dont connect the dots to reduced freedon of movement due to Brexit or how the Gov is genuinely stripping our rights by reducing our right to protest or all the other shit Patel
  17. Has the bridge been painted yet - or does it still look like its about to be dismantled for scrap?
  18. Lazarus

    Personal finance

    SHIB is pumping around 25% and MANA has dipped to around £3.50. MNG has stalled so have converted back to BNB to use elsewhere.
  19. Lazarus

    Who's ill?

    My dad has gout. Had it for years in his big toe and would absolutely cripple him - hes now got no joint in his big toe and it sort of flops about. No sign of it in me thankfully.
  20. Think someone mightve just been rescued https://magicseaweed.com/Live-Cullercoats-Webcam/252/
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