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KK - Shearer won't be my assistant


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Like everyone else, not arsed in the slightest, but watch the papers reaction 'toon in turmoil' 'even Shearer rejects toon' 'Shearer spits on toon' 'Troubled toon set to explode' 'fans cry in anger and pain'

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They spoke to each other for 4 hours last night at Shearer's gaff, and both decided that it wouldn't be best for him to be his number 2, no firm news on whether Al rejected the role/Keegan never offered it.


Keegan, Mort and Ashley all want Shearer to play a part in the "new Newcastle" is another capacity, though, and he'll make a decision on it before Monday.


Keegan also expects Shearer to be manager here, perhaps even the next one.

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I can see him staying with BBC for now, unless a sort of striker coaching role interests him..


SSN---- Met Al for 4 hours at Shearers house last night, both decided that his role would not be no2, but Keegan would love him to take some role, full time or part time, both Ashley and Mort want  him to take some part. Shearer will talk it over with family and decide by Monday..


Not clear if it was KK not offering the no2 role or it being offerd and Al not wanting it..

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Tbh, that ambassador role he has is quite cush from my opinion.  Personally, I'm one for seeing the world, and if he's getting expenses-paid trips around the world to make speeches etc, I'm envious!

No shit? ;)

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Guest Alan_Shearer

"Shearer assistant role ruled out 


Keegan (left) signed Shearer during his last stint as Magpies boss

Newcastle manager Kevin Keegan has confirmed that Alan Shearer will not be his assistant - but insists he could still have a role with the club.

Shearer, 37, had confirmed his willingness to work with Keegan after his shock re-appointed last week.


The pair held four hours of talks on Thursday evening but decided the "dream ticket" partnership is a non-starter.


They meet again on Monday but Keegan said: "We will see what happens but it will not be as number two."


Former Magpies goalscoring hero Shearer may still have a position within Keegan's new set-up at St James' Park.


And Keegan added: "If he decides to come in, a very worthwhile role." "



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I have always said that there are too many reasons why he shouldn't be assistant manager.


1. The media will pull the old "whos really in charge" line

2. It could cause conflict between Keegan and Shearer as they are both big personalities

3. Assistant manager often dont do well succeeding other people

4. If shearer was manager after a keegan failure then the media would say "whats he got that is different"


It would suit all parties if shearer was reserve team coach because;


1. This gives him hands on tactical experiance

2. He can still learn from KK

3. He doesn't have involvement with the first team


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Guest SmileyCulture

Wouldn't mind seeing him splitting his time between the reserve team/working with the strikers in training.


That way people like martins can learn from him and he can start getting a little experiance via the reserve team.

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