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E-Mail from the Club - Birmingham (a) Tickets...


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Right lads and lasses, we haven't got much time again with this, so get your replies in sharp-ish:




As we have done previously, I'd appreciate your thoughts on the number of tickets we should take for the forthcoming game against Birmingham City on Monday 17th March.  Adult tickets are £35, Concessions £18 and Under 12s £7.50 and we have been offered the following options:


Option 1        Approx 1400        Sale or Return

Option 2        Approx 2000        Sale Only

Option 3        Approx 2800        Sale Only


I'm trying to decide whether to go with option 2 or option 3, typically I'd have gone for the option 3 but with this game being on a Monday night plus with the tickets being reasonably expensive I'm not so sure.


It would be helpful to get your opinions to throw into the pot too.






Simple enough, reply with "Option 1", "Option 2" or "Option 3" and any reasons you have for voting so.


Remember that the club loses money for every unsold seat that we have, so that's why they don't always just take the full allocation. If my maths is right, if we take Option 3 and the club only sells 2000 tickets, then they lose £28k - and I doubt that will go down too well.

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Guest wuthering ballsack

Option 3. We always take big followings to the midlands. It's a place that's accessible to nearly everyone in the country.

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Guest wuthering ballsack

Option 4.


Tell Birmingham to stick their £35 tickets. Then we'll take 2,800 at a fair price.


We sell away tickets for £36.

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