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Matejovsky: How to make friends and influence people


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Matejovsky slams selfish strikers


Marek Matejovsky has revealed his frustration at the lack of vision displayed by Reading's strikers.


The Czech midfielder was brought to the club by Steve Coppell to help implement a more ball-to-feet style of play which would hopefully lift the Royals out of relegation trouble.


However, Matejovsky insists that a number of the club's attacking players appear unwilling to adapt their game for the greater good of their team-mates.


Not surprised


"That is what it is like here," he told Sport.


"Not that I am surprised by it, but in certain moments I have been left rather annoyed by players trying to finish chances in a selfish manner.


"Strikers are trying to go for goal when they should be giving a pass.


"But if they don't get given the ball then they shout to get it back.


"They want it all the time and if you don't give it to them, then they get angry.


"It is something inside them, something which they have perhaps been taught to do all their life.


"When they have the opportunity to pass they prefer to try and go past an opponent.


"This is one of the reasons why I was brought to Reading as they wanted to see more passes, and change their style of play."




Matejovsky also gave a unique insight into the surprisingly relaxed approach manager Steve Coppell adopts during training sessions.


"If the coach feels that something needs improving then we usually speak with him individually," he said.


"Mr Coppell is the boss but basically he does nothing during training.


"He just walks about and looks at how committed every player is. Everything else is the job of the three assistants."


Having only arrived in England during the January transfer window, Matejovsky admits that he is still coming to terms with the more physical nature of life in the Premier League.


"When going into challenges I feel that I can go into them with greater force than I could in the Czech Republic," he said.


"On the other hand, the referees here let the game flow a lot more. A couple of times I have been surprised that some fouls have not been spotted."

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